What kind of chart should I get?

If you’re totally unfamiliar with your natal chart, I’d start with that - either the short
natal reading, or the in-depth one.  You'll be fascinated by this portrait of yourself in
the stars.   If you know your own chart reasonably well, and want to see what’s
happening during the next stage in your life, get one of the calendar charts.  If you
have a specific question that won’t let you go, get the basic reading.

I don’t have the time of my birth.  Can I still order a reading?  

You can, but we need to do some preliminary work first, in order to figure out (as
closely as possible) your birth time.  This means that I’ll need to ask some
questions via e-mail, before I can begin writing your interpretation.  
There is an extra
charge for this.  

Do you deal with heavy stuff, like the time of death?  I’m not sure I want to know

I don’t think any astrologer can safely predict the time of death, and this certainly
isn't something I try to do.  When I’m doing a reading for someone with a life-
threatening illness, I can talk about times when health crises are more likely.  But I
can’t say for sure when someone will cross over.  

What about free will?  I don’t want to hear that everything has to be a certain
way, and that I don’t have any choice about it.  

None of the readings that I do will tell you anything like that.  I believe quite strongly
in individual will, and in choice.  When I write about your natal chart, I’m writing about
tendencies, not laws.  In addition, every factor in your birth chart has a large range of
expression, and can manifest in a positive way.  My work is to find the beauty and
creativity that’s natural to you.   When I write about upcoming transits, I’m describing
the energies that enfold you, and the available lessons that you can learn from
these energies.  But you have many, many choices in how you deal with them.

Can you tell sexual orientation from a chart?  I’m not sure what I am.  

You can’t absolutely tell sexual orientation from a chart, but most astrologers have
their pet theories on this, and I’m no exception.  If you’re not sure which lifestyle
works best for you, then I can look at your chart and analyze the different factors
regarding emotional needs, sex roles and social adjustments.  I would suggest the
basic reading, which is designed to answer a specific question.  But you can also
order an in-depth natal chart, and just ask me to spend a lot more time on
everything that has bearing on sexual orientation.  

Can you do a chart for a newborn baby?

A chart for a newborn is a great advantage both to the infant and her (or his)
parents.  The parents can see what particular talents and abilities can be
encouraged right from the beginning, and what challenging patterns might develop.  
This can help with anything from picking birthday presents to disciplining the child.  
It’s a great gift for friends or family members.   

How do I pay for my reading?

When you contact me, I'll tell you where to send a check.  I also use Paypal, if that's
 If you fill out the form on this site with your email address, I'll contact you.  

When can I expect my reading?

I'll let you know for sure when you contact me.   I don't count an order as definite
(and assign it a due date) until I have all the birthdata - date, year, time and city of
birth -   confirmed, and a go-ahead from you.  
Then it goes on my calendar, and I
have a pretty much unbroken record of being on time.  
Frequently Asked Questions