and More
by Jenny Yates

July 21 to 31, 2015

What sign is the moon in?  What signs do the planets occupy?  
What is the current lunar cycle about?  

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Venus is in Gemini

In Gemini, Venus is devoted to
intellectual pleasures.  This can mean
anything from crossword puzzles to
lectures on Medieval candle magic.   

It's especially good for scintillating
conversation.  Everyone is wittier and
more interesting, and everyone is
quicker to respond to your ripostes.
(And they're ready to repost
everything you write, too.)  

And yes, it's a good time for puns.  
Try to control yourself.    

Venus will be in Gemini until July 4.   

Venus entered Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, June 9, 10:23 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 9, 7:23 am
in London: Thurs, June 9, 3:23 pm
in Berlin:  Thurs, June 9, 4:23 pm

The Moon

moves into Libra
in NYC: Tues, July 21, 9:22 am
in Vancouver:  Tues, July 21, 6:22 am
in London:  Tues, July 21, 2:22 pm
in Singapore: Tues, July 21, 9:22 pm   
in Sydney: Tues, July 21, 11:22 pm

moves into Scorpio
in NYC: Thurs, July 23, 10:07 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, July 23, 7:07 pm  
in London: Fri, July 24, 3:07 am
in Singapore: Fri, July 24, 10:07 am  
in Sydney: Fri, July 24, 12:07 pm
moves into Sagittarius
in NYC:  Sun, July 26, 8:24 am
in Vancouver: Sun, July 26, 5:24 am
in London: Sun, July 26, 1:24 pm
in Singapore: Sun, July 26, 8:24 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, July 26, 10:24 pm

moves into Capricorn
in NYC:  Tues, July 28, 2:47 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, July 28, 11:47 am
in London: Tues, July 28, 7:47 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, July 29, 2:47 am   
in Sydney: Weds, July 29, 4:47 am   

moves into Aquarius
in NYC: Thurs, July 30, 5:40 pm
in Vancouver:  Thurs, July 30, 2:40 pm
in London: Thurs, July 30, 10:40 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, July 31, 5:40 am  
in Sydney: Fri, July 31, 7:40 am  

moves into Pisces
in NYC: Sat, Aug 1, 6:36 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, Aug 1, 3:36 pm  
in London: Sat, Aug 1, 11:36 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Aug 2, 6:36 am
in Sydney: Sun, Aug 2, 8:36 am

What does the
moon's sign tell

Moon Signs and
Lunar Transits

Saturn is in Scorpio

This is the time when Saturn retrogrades back
into its old sign, and so you may have a déja vu
feeling, as you deal with some of the same things
you dealt with last year:  sex, death, power
dynamics, and inner transformation.  

This is a time when people are drawn towards
things that are usually taboo.  There’s a
fascination with whatever is mysterious,
unconventional, or raw.  And their underlying
emotional responses will be more visible:  
resentment, hunger, suspicion, desire, obsession,
paranoia.  When you deal directly with these
things, you release a lot of old, stuck energy, and
so these intense feelings are gateways to

Everyone gets in touch with their inner devils, to
some extent or another, and everyone is also
required to work out a deeper moral code. What is
good and bad, what is right and wrong, when you’
re truly being honest with yourself, recognizing
what lies inside your own heart?

Saturn will be in Scorpio until September 17,

Saturn entered Scorpio
in NYC:  Sun, Jun 14, 8:35 pm
in Vancouver:  Sun, Jun 14, 5:35 pm
in London: Mon, Jun 15,1:35 am  
in Singapore: Mon, Jun 15,8:35 am     
in Sydney: Mon, Jun 15,10:35 am  

Mars is in Cancer

Mars shows where you put your energy, how you
use it, and what you consider worthy of
protecting and defending.  Cancer is the sign
that relates to home, family and neighborhood,
so everyone is a little more tribal under this
influence.  Some people will respond to this by
stockpiling guns.  Other people will stash away
the produce from their gardens, and that’s what
will give them a sense of security and well-being.

There’s a strong urge to defend what’s yours,
when Mars is in Cancer.  But at the same time,
this is an emotional, sentimental, nurturing sign,
and people will be warm-hearted and dewy-eyed,
easily moved whenever they come across
anyone in trouble.  Children and old people will
find helpful people in their corners, willing to exert
themselves a little to keep them safe.   

There will be a lot of cooking and eating while
Mars is in this sign.  Angry people will eat away
their anger, and hurt people will eat away their
pain. But there could also be some really
delicious feasts in which family and community
come together.  

It’s also good for water sports – swimming,
boating, water-skiing.  And it lends itself to
community events, like puppet-shows and
Renaissance fairs and singalongs.  The main
thing is that everyone needs to feel that they

Mars will be in Cancer until August 8.     

Mars entered Cancer
in NYC:  Weds, June 24, 9:33 am
in Vancouver: Weds, June 24, 6:33 am  
in London: Weds, June 24, 2:33 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, June 24, 9:33 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, June 24, 11:33 pm

Uranus is in Aries

This is the revolutionary planet in the
revolutionary sign, so you know some stuff is
going to happen while it's here - mainly, during
the next seven years.

This is about liberation.  It's about freedom.   It's
about looking at the fixed structures that rule our
lives, figuring out which ones limit us, and
dismantling them.

There's a fast, reckless rhythm about Uranus in
Aries;  it's not always the wisest approach.  
There's an urge for immediate, spontaneous
action, and so people rush into things without
stopping to think.  Every moment is charged with
creative fire.      

It's pretty exciting.  But it's definitely not a calm
influence.  Everyone will need to stop and take
some deep breaths once in a while.

Uranus will be here until May 2018.

Uranus entered Aries
in NYC:  Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 7:49 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 4:49 pm
in London:  Sat, Mar 12,2011, 12:49 am
in Berlin:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 1:49 am
in Sydney:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 11:49 am

Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto has to do with the slowest, most relentless and
most inexorable trends.  In spite of being demoted
from planet status, it's still very influential when it
comes to social transformation.  

As soon as Pluto entered this pragmatic, restrained
ascetic sign, the economy took a very different shape.  
Everyone switched from spending and speculating to
worrying and saving.  The emphasis is on what works,
not necessarily what feels good.

This is a long-term conservative influence, but the
word "conservative" can mean a lot of different things.  
It could mean conserving the land, and becoming
better stewards of the earth.  It could mean conserving
the wisdom of our elders.  It could mean looking to the
people who have spent their lives developing practical
skills and asking, "Okay, how do we do this?"

Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 2008 and
will be here until March 2023.  

Mercury is in Cancer

Mercury, the planet of the mind, spends a couple of
weeks in the emotional, impressionable sign Cancer,
and this is great for the intuitive faculties.  It’s not quite
as good when it comes to logic and reason!  People are
more likely to believe what they want to believe, what
they have strong emotional reasons for believing.

This gives a stronger focus on home and family.
It’s a good time for working on genealogy, or compiling
photo albums, or having a family reunion.  You might sit
down with your older relatives and listen to their stories,
or you might tell your own stories to the younger ones in
your family.  Or you could connect with people from your
past:  the kid next door, your college roommate, your
long lost cousin.

It’s also a good time for interior decoration, for adding
cozy touches to your home or garden, for finding
interesting things in your attic or in antique stores.
Mercury in Cancer enhances the memory, but it’s best
for learning things that have a strong emotional charge.  
For example, you might learn the language of your
ancestors, or study a historical period that really calls to
you, or take a cooking or gardening class.  

When it comes to communication, be sure not to
assume that everyone else feels the same way that you
do about everything.  Your own opinions seem so
natural and inevitable that it can be very startling to find
out that others believe something different.  Try to go
down deeper, to find the points of emotional
connection.  We’re all human, all flawed, and all
vulnerable, no matter what we think about anything.        

Mercury will be in Cancer until July 23.                      

Mercury entered Cancer
in NYC:  Weds, July 8, 2:51 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, July 8, 11:51 am
in London: Weds, July 8, 7:51 pm  
in Singapore: Thurs, July 9, 2:51 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, July 9, 4:51 am  

The Current Lunar Cycle
(23° Cancer)

This is a volatile lunar cycle, fast-moving,
full of sharp changes.  The sun and moon
are in the emotional sign Cancer, both
squaring Uranus, so feelings are prodded
and shaken at every turn.  

The most important thing during this lunar
cycle will be to find ways to pace yourself
and release pressure.  Mercury and Mars
are conjunct in Cancer, and both oppose
Pluto, so there could be some continuing
underlying stress, and much of it could
come from our own fears and suspicions.  
Don’t become spooked by your own face
in the mirror.  Instead, take the time to
know that face better.  

Relationships could also take a certain
amount of uphill work during this lunar
cycle, as it begins with a very tight
Venus/Saturn square.  On a national
level, this could mean some kind of insult
to feminist principles.  In your personal
life, it could bring in some sorrow, or a
sense of limitation, connected to love.  
Again, the more loving you are to
yourself, the easier it will be to go through
a somewhat barren period.      

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new
moon on August14.  Its climactic moment
is the full moon on July 31.   

The new moon occur
in NYC: Weds, July 15, 9:24 pm  
in Vancouver: Weds, July 15, 6:24 pm    
in London:  Thurs, July 16, 2:24 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, July 16, 9:24 am     
in Sydney: Thurs, July 16, 11:24 am  

Venus is in Virgo

As Venus enters this earth sign, work becomes more
enjoyable.  You find it easier to be tackle practical
jobs, to improve your life in definite ways.  There’s
satisfaction in cleaning out closets and fixing or
discarding anything that’s broken or that doesn’t fit
into your daily routine.  You want everything to be
beautiful, clean, functional, and uncluttered.   

Whatever your work, it feels pretty good to do it, and
to get it done - but it’s best if there are tangible,
earthy results of some kind.  This is a pleasant time
for healers, body-workers, herbalists, gardeners,
and craftspeople.  You enjoy an ongoing sense of
accomplishment, a contentment with the tasks of
each day.   

Virgo is about the details, and there can be some
tendency to be too picky, with Venus in this sign.  Try
not to nag your loved ones about the small things
that drive you crazy, but seek alternate systems that
will work better.  And avoid being overly mental in
your approach, expecting everything to be rational
rather than looking at the underlying feelings.  
Sometimes people just need to be listened to, rather
than “fixed”.  

Venus will be in Virgo until July 31, when it
retrogrades back into Leo.                

Venus enter
ed Virgo
in NYC: Sat, July 18, 6:38 pm  
in Vancouver: Sat, July 18, 3:38 pm  
in London: Sat, July 18, 11:38 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, July 19, 6:38 am  
in Sydney: Sun, July 19, 8:38 am  

Jupiter is in Leo.

Jupiter enters a new sign yearly, so this could be
considered the astrologer’s New Year. Jupiter’s effect is to
expand the characteristics of its sign, and Leo is an
exciting, courageous fire sign, so the coming year will be
particularly active and stimulating.  After the sometimes
claustrophobic wetness of this last Jupiter-in-Cancer year,
Jupiter in Leo feels like a nice long stretch in the sun.  

Jupiter in Leo will give everyone more confidence, and will
encourage creativity, play, and risk-taking.  People who
are already effusive and energetic will become more so,
and shy people will start to come out into the open, and
let themselves be known.   We’ll all be warmer, friendlier,
more effusive, and more generous with each other.  

This will be a great year for artists, since Leo is such an
expressive sign.  If you’re not already an artist, you could
try your hand at
whatever’s around:  dance troupes, theatre groups,
karaoke bars, origami collectives, puppet shows, guitar
lessons, improv nights, sculpture workshops, anything at
all.  You could take your harmonica and become a
busker, or teach your dog to talk and become a star on
YouTube. During the coming year, you have a stronger
urge to be seen and heard, to let more color and drama
and pleasure into your life.

Not everybody can be in the limelight at once, and
sometimes this can be a problem when Jupiter is in Leo.  
When everybody wants to be the center of attention,
there can be a certain amount of pushing and shoving.  
Pride is more pronounced, and bruised egos can set up a
squall.  As a fixed sign, Leo is stubborn, so try not to back
anyone into a corner.    

While Jupiter is in Leo, there’ll be a lot more posturing by
people in authority. Decisions will be made that are all
about preventing the loss of face, even if that means
losing battles.  Even when you don’t truly respect
someone, it’s best to grant them as much dignity as
possible, and this will help with working through conflicts.   

Jupiter will be here until August 11, 2015.

Jupiter entered Leo.
in NYC:  Weds, July 16, 6:30 am
in Vancouver: Weds, July 16, 3:30 am  
in London: Weds, July 16, 11:30 am
in Singapore: Weds, July 16, 6:30 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, July 16, 8:30 pm

Venus goes Retrograde
(0° Virgo)

Although Venus goes retrograde in Virgo, she spends most of
her retrograde period in the exuberant fire sign Leo.  Venus in
Leo is generally pretty bold but she is a bit more hesitant when

Relationships take a little longer to form now, and so even if
you’re having a great time at a party, you may not bring
anyone home with you.  If you have someone’s number, it can
take a while for you to call them, and even longer for them to
get back to you. You have to be patient, since being in a hurry
won’t get you anywhere now.

If you’re in love and planning your wedding, you could find
yourself adding lots of elaborate ways to celebrate, while still
having some trouble making binding decisions.  This is okay.  
Let yourself enjoy the moment, and when Venus is direct
again, things will move along in a more definite and practical

If you’re part of an established couple, just enjoy your
significant other, and don’t worry about what is or isn’t
happening.  If there’s anything wrong, it will work itself out
eventually, but for now, just appreciate your moments

This is a good time to make connections with friends and
lovers from your past.  It can also be good for returning to old
forms of creative expression.  You can dust off that
paintbrush, or start tuning that old guitar.  This is a nice time
for old-fashioned sing-alongs around the campfire, as
everybody is a little hungry for a simpler, happier time, even if
it only existed in their imaginations.  

Venus goes direct again on September 6.    

Venus goes retrograde
in NYC: Sat, July 25, 5:28 am
in Vancouver: Sat, July 25, 2:28 am
in London: Sat, July 25, 10:28 am  
in Singapore: Sat, July 25, 5:28 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, July 25, 7:28 pm

The sun enters Leo

The sun is exuberant in its own sign, Leo.  Everyone
is encouraged to live a little bit more loudly:  to be
more dramatic, to express themselves, to shine.  
People who are comfortable in the spotlight are even
happier to be there when the sun is in Leo.  People
who are shyer gain confidence as they see how
much fun everybody else is having.  And audiences
are also greatly appreciated when the sun is in this

This is a nice time for children, and it brings out the
child in all of us.  It’s a time to soak up the sun, to be
free and playful, to sing and dance, to clown around,
to climb trees and look at the view from above.  
Everything is out in the open, there’s freedom and
high spirits and bright colors, and people are living
for the moment.  

There can also be quite a lot of jousting while the
sun is here.  Some battles for dominance are just for
show, but others are quite serious.  This is the time
when the alpha dog may have to deal with a lot of
challenges from the lesser dogs.  There is more
posturing, and social events may become fabulous
and outrageous affairs during the sun’s sojourn in

The sun will be here until August 23.  

The sun enters Leo
in NYC:  Weds, July 22, 11:30 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, July 22, 8:30 pm
in London: Thurs, July 23, 4:30 am  
in Singapore: Thurs, July 23, 11:30 am    
in Sydney: Thurs, July 23, 1:30 pm  

The sun is in Cancer

Happy summer solstice!  Cancer is a warm, sweet,
nurturing sign, and as the sun moves through this
sign, people spend more time laughing, crying,
hugging, and being sentimental.  There is an
emphasis on caring for others, and protecting those
who are vulnerable.  Your children will be more likely
to bring street urchins home to dinner, and to adopt
all the lost animals they find.  

At the same time, because feelings are so strong,
everyone can be a little moodier while the sun’s in
Cancer.  One minute, your lover gives you the shirt off
her back, and the next minute she’s pouting because
you forgot to praise her bread pudding.  People can
be needier, more dependent on each other.  If you’re
normally a person who goes solo, you may get a little
too much togetherness during this sunsign.  On the
other hand, it might be nice to have a lot of friendly
people watching your back for a change.

Whenever the sun goes through a water sign,
sensitivity is increased.  So you’re picking up what
other people are feeling, whether they admit it or not.  
You’re picking up the vibes in your environment, even
if it’s not quite clear where these vibes are coming
from.  You may be sensing what that silent person
over in the corner is going through, or you may be in
touch with something that happened in this room forty
years ago.  It’s a time when psychic abilities are
increased, but it still takes some practice to use them

The sun will be here until July 22.  

The sun entered Cancer
in NYC:  Sun, Jun 21, 12:38 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, Jun 21, 9:38 am
in London: Sun, Jun 21, 5:38 pm
in Singapore: Mon, Jun 22, 12:38 am   
in Sydney: Mon, Jun 22, 2:38 am   

Mercury enters Leo

This is all about the Voice of Authority.  Some
people have it naturally, and they thrive when
Mercury is in Leo.  Other people are shy and
retiring, but they are also more likely to speak up
with confidence when Mercury is in this sign.  

It’s not just about being sure you’re right –
although that’s definitely a good part of it.  But
Mercury in Leo offers more, when it comes to
communication skills.  It gives warmth, passion,
enthusiasm, and honesty, and so people find it
easier to understand and appreciate each other.  
Leo is not a cerebral sign, and so you pick up more
from body language and expression than you do
from the actual words.  Shared experiences count
more than anything anybody says. And this is
enough to kindle lasting friendships and a few love
affairs besides.  

Leo is a very creative and expressive sign, so
artists of all kinds can enjoy Mercury in Leo.  It’s
especially good for performance artists, since Leo
is so dramatic.  Singers and poets can move
people not just by the words but by the tone and
nuance and rhythm of their voices.  

However, there are likely to be more arguments
during this Mercury sign, because the sense of
being right gets notched up to a new level.  There’s
more ego invested in the things people say and
believe.  It definitely helps that Mercury in Leo also
inclines to laughter, although it won’t necessarily
deescalate conflict if you laugh in your opponent’s
face.  But later, when you’re talking about it,
laughter is good.  

Mercury will be here until August 7.  

Mercury enters Leo
in NYC:  Thurs, July 23, 8:14 am  
in Vancouver: Thurs, July 23, 5:14 am  
in London: Thurs, July 23, 1:14 pm    
in Singapore: Thurs, July 23, 8:14 pm     
in Sydney: Thurs, July 23, 10:14 pm  

Venus enters Leo

Venus is at her most charming, flamboyant and
dramatic in the fire sign Leo.  You’re more inclined
to adorn yourself with diamonds and flowers, and
to put in an appearance at the swankiest places
you know.  Even if you’re generally a modest soul,
Venus in Leo can give a sudden desire to shine, to
see what center stage feels like.

Everybody gets a moment in the sun while Venus
is here.  There’s a stronger emphasis on
expressing yourself, and this means singing,
dancing, flirting, partying, playing, performing.  
Whatever you do, you have an appreciative
audience.  And you, in turn, enjoy the high energy
and the varied talents of all the people around
you.  Whether you’re croaking out a tune at a
karaoke bar, or singing around a campfire, you
join in with a good spirit.  

For lovers, this is a romantic time, good for stirring
proclamations of ardor. Everyone is warmer and
more excitable, and spontaneous demonstrations
of affection come easily.   You’re also likely to think
of the perfect gifts for the ones you love.  

Those who tend to be domineering or demanding
will be more so under this influence, however.  So
at times, there may be some need to set limits, to
say “no”, and to take space for yourself.  

Venus will be here until October 8.    

Venus enters Leo
in NYC: Fri, July 31, 11:27 am
in Vancouver: Fri, July 31, 8:27 am  
in London:  Fri, July 31, 4:27 pm
in Singapore: Fri, July 31, 11:27 pm  
in Sydney: Sat, Aug 1, 1:27 am

Neptune is in Pisces

This could be a time of beautiful spiritual flowering, a
time when large numbers of people open up their
hearts and connect with each other. The idealism of
Neptune becomes deeply intuitive, emotional and
sympathetic when this planet goes through Pisces.

The matter of faith is likely to be paramount as
Neptune goes through this sign.  Who and what do we
trust?  People will have a stronger need to believe in
something (or someone), and this can mean that
some folks will be preyed upon by unscrupulous con
men. A gullible populace isn't always good at picking
leaders, so it will be important to talk as clearly and
fully as
possible about all the issues of the day. Open
communication is important and protective during this

Neptune is the planet of the strange, so things may
take odd turns.  Everyone will be a little more
susceptible to illusions, confusion, fascinations, and
poetic deliriums.  New drugs could make an
appearance – both medicinal and recreational -  and
new healing techniques be developed.  Creativity is
enhanced by Neptune in this sign, especially when it
comes to rhythmic forms like music and poetry, and to
the arts of illusion such as theatre and film. We could
see the flowering of some amazing new art-forms.  

Religious institutions get new life from
Neptune’s passage through Pisces, but only if they
offer a true connection with the wisdom of the inner
self.  It’s not a time for dogma, but for breaking down
all artificial divisions and merging with the infinite.  

Neptune will be here until March 2025.  

Neptune entered Pisces
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 3, 2012,
11:03 am
in London:  Fri, Feb 3,2012, 7:03 pm
in Berlin: Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 4, 2012, 6:03 am