and More
by Jenny Yates

June 24 to July 5, 2016

What sign is the moon in?  What signs do the planets occupy?  
What is the current lunar cycle about?  

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Venus is in Gemini

In Gemini, Venus is devoted to
intellectual pleasures.  This can mean
anything from crossword puzzles to
lectures on Medieval candle magic.   

It's especially good for scintillating
conversation.  Everyone is wittier and
more interesting, and everyone is
quicker to respond to your ripostes.
(And they're ready to repost
everything you write, too.)  

And yes, it's a good time for puns.  
Try to control yourself.    

Venus will be in Gemini until July 4.   

Venus entered Gemini
in NYC: Thurs, June 9, 10:23 am
in Vancouver: Thurs, June 9, 7:23 am
in London: Thurs, June 9, 3:23 pm
in Berlin:  Thurs, June 9, 4:23 pm

The Moon

moves into Aquarius
in NYC: Weds, June 22, 4:08 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, June 22, 1:08 pm  
in London: Weds, June 22, 9:08 pm
in Singapore: Thurs, June 23, 4:08 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, June 23, 6:08 am  

moves into Pisces
in NYC: Fri, June 24, 10:30 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, June 24, 7:30 pm
in London: Sat, June 25, 3:30 am
in Singapore: Sat, June 25, 10:30 am  
in Sydney: Sat, June 25, 12:30 pm

moves into Aries
in NYC: Mon, June 27, 3:07 am
in Vancouver: Mon, June 27, 12:07 am
in London: Mon, June 27, 8:07 am
in Singapore: Mon, June 27, 3:07 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, June 27, 5:07 pm

moves into Taurus
in NYC: Weds, June 29, 6:03 am
in Vancouver: Weds, June 29, 3:03 am
in London: Weds, June 29, 11:03 am
in Singapore: Weds, June 29, 6:03 pm  
in Sydney: Weds, June 29, 8:03 pm

moves into Gemini
in NYC: Fri, July 1, 7:44 am
in Vancouver: Fri, July 1, 4:44 am  
in London: Fri, July 1, 12:44 pm  
in Singapore: Fri, July 1, 7:44 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, July 1, 9:44 pm

moves into Cancer
in NYC:  Sun, July 3, 9:20 am
in Vancouver: Sun, July 3, 6:20 am
in London: Sun, July 3, 2:20 pm
in Singapore: Sun, July 3, 9:20 pm   
in Sydney: Sun, July 3, 11:20 pm

moves into Leo
in NYC:  Tues, July 5, 12:28 pm
in Vancouver: Tues, July 5, 9:28 am
in London: Tues, July 5, 5:28 pm  
in Singapore: Weds, July 6, 12:28 am  
in Sydney: Weds, July 6, 2:28 am  

moves into Virgo
in NYC: Thurs, July 7, 6:41 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, July 7, 3:41 pm
in London: Thurs, July 7, 11:41 pm
in Singapore: Fri, July 8, 6:41 am   
in Sydney: Fri, July 8, 8:41 am   

What does the
moon's sign tell

Moon Signs and
Lunar Transits

Pluto is in Capricorn

Pluto has to do with the slowest, most relentless
and most inexorable trends.  In spite of being
demoted from planet status, it's still very influential
when it comes to social transformation.  

As soon as Pluto entered this pragmatic, restrained
ascetic sign, the economy took a very different
shape.  Everyone switched from spending and
speculating to worrying and saving.  The emphasis
is on what works, not necessarily what feels good.

This is a long-term conservative influence, but the
word "conservative" can mean a lot of different
things.  It could mean conserving the land, and
becoming better stewards of the earth.  It could
mean conserving the wisdom of our elders.  It could
mean looking to the people who have spent their
lives developing practical skills and asking, "Okay,
how do we do this?"

Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 2008
and will be here until March 2023.  

Uranus is in Aries

This is the revolutionary planet in the
revolutionary sign, so you know some stuff is
going to happen while it's here - mainly, during
the next seven years.

This is about liberation.  It's about freedom.   It's
about looking at the fixed structures that rule our
lives, figuring out which ones limit us, and
dismantling them.

There's a fast, reckless rhythm about Uranus in
Aries;  it's not always the wisest approach.  
There's an urge for immediate, spontaneous
action, and so people rush into things without
stopping to think.  Every moment is charged with
creative fire.      

It's pretty exciting.  But it's definitely not a calm
influence.  Everyone will need to stop and take
some deep breaths once in a while.

Uranus will be here until May 2018.

Uranus entered Aries
in NYC:  Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 7:49 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Mar 11, 2011, 4:49 pm
in London:  Sat, Mar 12,2011, 12:49 am
in Berlin:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 1:49 am
in Sydney:  Sat, Mar 12, 2011, 11:49 am

Saturn is in Sagittarius

Saturn is the planet of structure, duty and
responsibility, but it cuts loose a bit in
Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is expansive, and so it
lends itself to bigger, more ambitious
structures.  You want to create systems that
are solid and lasting, but that will fulfill some of
your larger ambitions as well.  

You see your responsibilities as part of a larger
picture these days.  
You’re thinking about the community as a
whole, about the future, about the world you
live in.  And this gives a little edge of
excitement to mundane plans.  

Rome was built brick by brick, with great
attention to structure, right?  And when it was
done, there it was:  a gorgeous, cosmopolitan
city.  You’re thinking that some of your
structures may have the same grandeur when
they’re done, and you’re willing to put time and
attention into the process, to make sure that
they’re the best they can be.  You can defer
gratification, but you don’t want to deny your

During the years that Saturn is in Sagittarius,
there will be an emphasis on thinking
internationally.  People who have lived insular
lives will become acquainted with a lot of
people who are very different from them.  
Languages and cultural literacy will become
serious business, more codified. There will be
classes, exams, promotions, on the basis of
excellence in these fields.  

Higher education itself will grow in prestige
during this period, and more people will get
college credit for traveling.  They’ll go off to
distant parts of the globe, and learn from
people who have figured out efficient and
sustainable ways to live on this earth. There
will also be a lot of tourists out there, visiting
parts of the planet that will vanish or change
utterly as the climate changes.  

Saturn will be in Sagittarius until December 19,

Saturn entered Sagittarius
in NYC: Thurs, Sept 17, 10:49 pm
in Vancouver: Thurs, Sept 17,
7:49 pm  
in London: Fri, Sept 18, 3:49 am  
in Singapore: Fri, Sept 18,
10:49 am    
in Sydney: Fri, Sept 18, 12:49 pm  

Mars is Retrograde
(8° Sagittarius)

Mars retrograde doesn’t tend to be as disruptive as
Mercury retrograde, but it can mean less effective, focused
action. In Sagittarius, Mars is impulsive, but while it’s
retrograde, impulses may send you in a completely wrong
direction.  Or at least, it can seem like a wrong direction in
the moment.  

You’re intending to rush forward, but instead you find
yourself shooting back into the past.  All the people you’ve
ever been mad at, you find yourself annoyed at once
more.  Everything that’s ever frustrated you is now
frustrating you again.  Old obstacles show up.  Or without
thinking, you repeat mistakes you’ve made before.  

This can drive you crazy, until you realize that you need to
slow down and stop over-reacting to everything.  What are
you supposed to learn from this?  It’s a good time to pause,
look around you, and draw some conclusions.  When you’
re still, your viewpoint widens, until you can see patterns
that you never saw before, and make more viable plans for
the future.  

Anger is never simple, and less so now than usual.  If you’
re used to robustly defending yourself, you may suddenly
recognize that you haven’t been entirely blameless.  If you’
ve been feeling like a victim, you may notice the ways in
which you’ve let that happen.  If you’ve run away from scary
situations in the past, you may find ways to move towards
them, and face what you’ve always feared.  

Mars goes direct again on June 29.        

Mars goes retrograde
in NYC: Sun, Apr 17, 8:13 am
in Vancouver: Sun, Apr 17, 5:13 am
in London: Sun, Apr 17, 1:13 pm  
in Singapore: Sun, Apr 17, 8:13 pm  
in Sydney: Sun, Apr 17, 10:13 pm

Mars is in Scorpio

Mars is more intense in Scorpio, more dramatic, and
more emotional.  Everyone feels more strongly about
everything, and people are more likely to go to
extremes.  There will be more laughing and crying,
more explosions, more colorful reactions of all kinds.

However, this is also a time when you can channel
your energies very powerfully and persistently
towards one particular goal.  You are determined,
focused, stubborn, and intractable.  When you want
to do something, no matter how difficult it is, you call
up reserves of strength and you are able to manage

Desires are very strong with Mars in this sign, and
the sexual atmosphere could get a bit dense at
times.  Whatever is forbidden holds a particular
allure.  If you usually have a hard time with impulse
control, it will be harder when Mars is in Scorpio, and
you might want to ask your crew-mates to lash you to
the mast. If you’re normally very restrained, you
might be surprised at the things you feel a sudden
urge to do.   

Mars will be here until August 2.

Mars entered Scorpio      
in NYC: Fri, May 27, 9:51 am
in Vancouver: Fri, May 27, 6:51 am
in London: Fri, May 27, 2:51 pm
in Singapore: Fri, May 27, 9:51 pm  
in Sydney: Fri, May 27, 11:51 pm

The Current Lunar Cycle
(14° Gemini)

This is a very active lunar cycle.  There are wonderful
things happening – love and pleasure and beauty – and
there are also moments of confusion and
disillusionment.  There are times of pure abandonment
and times when everything seems stuck in the mire.  

It’s a time of heightened imagination, and so it’s great for
creative work.  People are more sensitive and
impressionable.  New hopes and dreams take shape, but
there are also plenty of old fears and anxieties willing to
show their faces once more.  Sometimes everything
seems possible, and sometimes nothing does.  

All this comes from a mutable grand cross.  At the new
moon, the sun and moon are closely joined by Venus, so
the question of love is at the center.  Who do you love?  
How do you love?  All three are square Jupiter and
Neptune, so there’s a desire to transcend the ordinary
and make your love bigger, brighter, and more
otherworldly.  This could be love of a person, a project, a
cause, a way of life, or an ideal.  

The sun, moon and Venus are also square the nodes, so
there could be karmic elements to the situation.  Did you
fail to give it your all once before, and you don’t want to
make that mistake again?  And so you jump in headfirst,
believing so hard that
you’re practically floating.  But then there’s the fourth
pole in this grand cross:  Saturn, opposing
sun/moon/Venus, squaring Jupiter and Neptune and the
nodes.  So the consequences for losing your grip on
reality could come sooner than you think.  

It’s very fast-moving, and there could be a constant
barrage of information, challenges and demands.  Take
time to pause, breathe, think, feel.  You may feel better if
you sit out a few of the dances.    

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon on July 4.  
Its climactic moment is the full moon on June 20.   

The new moon occurs
in NYC: Sat, June 4, 10:59 pm
in Vancouver: Sat, June 4, 7:59 pm
in London: Sun, June 5, 4:59 am
in Singapore: Sun, June 5, 10:59 am   
in Sydney: Sun, June 5, 12:59 pm

Jupiter is in Virgo

Jupiter enters a new sign yearly, so this could be considered
the astrologer’s New Year.  Jupiter’s effect is to expand the
characteristics of its sign, and so the coming year will be more
practical and realistic.  Virgo is an analytic, discriminating,
perceptive sign.   

People will generally become geekier, more interested in
science and technology, and this will make for a welcome
change.  This could be the year when climate change finally is
accepted as fact, and when there’s a stronger push towards
practical solutions.  People will work harder, and often they’ll
work together, to preserve the environment that shelters and
nurtures us all.  

There will be less of an emphasis on belief systems, and more
of an emphasis on things that can improve people’s lives in the
moment.  And instead of flashy things giving status, people will
gain more status from living in a green, sustainable, somewhat
rustic way.  This is a good year for working out all sorts of
alternate systems to replace the ones that are falling apart, or
that never worked well to begin with.

Health will be an important theme this year.  As people
understand more about what makes for health, hopefully there
will be a gradual recognition that what’s good for big business
is often bad for the public health.  It’s not a flashy,
revolutionary year, so this might not manifest in a big revolt.  
However, a lot of small choices could add up to some big

The shadow side of Jupiter in Virgo is a tendency to be a bit
too much of a purist about everything. Health nuts will be
nuttier, and techno-geeks will be geekier.  Everybody is
looking for something that works, and when they find it, they
will have a hard time understanding why everybody else doesn’
t adopt this perfect system, practice or technology. At least the
arguments will involve lots of graphs and research results,
rather than personal insults.           

Jupiter will be here until September 9, 2016.  

Jupiter entered Virgo.
in NYC: Tues, Aug 11, 7:11 am  
in Vancouver: Tues, Aug 11, 4:11 am  
in London: Tues, Aug 11, 12:11 pm    
in Singapore: Tues, Aug 11, 7:11 pm    
in Sydney: Tues, Aug 11, 9:11 pm  

Mercury is in Gemini

In this air sign, Mercury – the planet of the
mind – is right at home.  Mental processing is
faster, more skillful, more imaginative.  
Everybody is quicker to connect the dots, to
find the links between various pieces of
information.  People are not as interested in
going deep, and seeing the underlying
causes, but rather want to cover a lot of
territory.  They are drawn to diversity, variety,
multiple possibilities.

This is an excellent Mercury sign for writers
and idea people.  People don’t mind being
quirky, in the interest of keeping everything
moving.  Cleverness has plenty of cachet,
and so lots of great aphorisms can be written,
and lots of witty sayings passed around.  
Sometimes nothing gets done, because
people are so taken with their own

This is a great time for brainstorming and
networking.  However, it’s very easy for
everything to stay up there on the cloud level,
and never come down to earth.  It’s all so
interesting when it’s theoretical.  You can go
in all sorts of directions;  there are no limits.  
And so if you actually want to accomplish
something concrete, you may need to put
some sort of limit on meetings, mailings or
phone conversations.    

Mercury will be in Gemini until June

Mercury enters Gemini
in NYC:  Sun, June 12, 7:22 pm
in Vancouver: Sun, June 12, 4:22 pm
in London: Mon, June 13, 12:22 am
in Singapore: Mon, June 13, 7:22 am    
in Sydney: Mon, June 13, 9:22 am

Venus is in Cancer

Venus is gentle, nurturing and sympathetic in this
sign.  It’s a very nice place for the planet of love,
pleasure and relationships.  

It’s a sentimental time, when you may feel more
like taking pictures of your sweetheart, saving
locks of hair and greeting cards, and whispering
endearments in her ear as you walk past.  If you’
re not normally prone to this kind of gooiness, you
may wonder what’s gotten into you.  But there’s a
good chance you’ll both enjoy it, although you
may be thankful that nobody else can hear the
silly names you’re calling each other.

It’s a great time for cooking, so if you’re inclined to
this sort of thing, now is the time to get into the
kitchen.  It’s also a great time for eating, and all
dishes, whether humble or exotic, are more
pleasurable.  It’s nice for entertaining, especially
family and close friends.  Your home is cozier,
more attractive, and you find it very easy to just

Generally, you want to be comfortable when
Venus is in this sign, so it can be perfect for a
stay-at-home vacation.  It also attracts you to
watery places, like beaches and the lake.  Just be
sure you bring along your favorite pillow and your
favorite brand of cookies.  

Venus will be here until July 12.   

Venus enter
ed Cancer
in NYC: Fri, June 17, 3:38 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, June 17, 12:38 pm  
in London: Fri, June 17, 8:38 pm
in Singapore: Sat, June 18, 3:38 am  
in Sydney: Sat, June 18, 5:38 am  

Neptune is in Pisces

This could be a time of beautiful spiritual flowering, a time
when large numbers of people open up their hearts and
connect with each other. The idealism of Neptune
becomes deeply intuitive, emotional and sympathetic
when this planet goes through Pisces.

The matter of faith is likely to be paramount as Neptune
goes through this sign.  Who and what do we trust?  
People will have a stronger need to believe in something
(or someone), and this can mean that some folks will be
preyed upon by unscrupulous con men. A gullible
populace isn't always good at picking leaders, so it will be
important to talk as clearly and fully as
possible about all the issues of the day. Open
communication is important and protective during this

Neptune is the planet of the strange, so things may take
odd turns.  Everyone will be a little more susceptible to
illusions, confusion, fascinations, and poetic deliriums.  
New drugs could make an appearance – both medicinal
and recreational -  and new healing techniques be
developed.  Creativity is enhanced by Neptune in this
sign, especially when it comes to rhythmic forms like music
and poetry, and to the arts of illusion such as theatre and
film. We could see the flowering of some amazing new art-

Religious institutions get new life from
Neptune’s passage through Pisces, but only if they offer a
true connection with the wisdom of the inner self.  It’s not a
time for dogma, but for breaking down all artificial divisions
and merging with the infinite.  

Neptune will be here until March 2025.  

Neptune entered Pisces
in NYC:  Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 2:03 pm
in Vancouver: Fri, Feb 3, 2012,
11:03 am
in London:  Fri, Feb 3,2012, 7:03 pm
in Berlin: Fri, Feb 3, 2012, 8:03 pm
in Sydney: Sat, Feb 4, 2012, 6:03 am

The sun is in Cancer

Happy summer solstice!  Cancer is a warm,
sweet, nurturing sign, and as the sun moves
through this sign, people spend more time
laughing, crying, hugging, and being
sentimental.  There is an emphasis on caring for
others, and protecting those who are vulnerable.  
Your children will be more likely to bring street
urchins home to dinner, and to adopt all the lost
animals they find.  

At the same time, because feelings are so
strong, everyone can be a little moodier while the
sun’s in Cancer.  One minute, your lover gives
you the shirt off her back, and the next minute
she’s pouting because you forgot to praise her
bread pudding.  People can be needier, more
dependent on each other.  If you’re normally a
person who goes solo, you may get a little too
much togetherness during this sunsign.  On the
other hand, it might be nice to have a lot of
friendly people watching your back for a change.

Whenever the sun goes through a water sign,
sensitivity is increased.  So you’re picking up
what other people are feeling, whether they admit
it or not.  You’re picking up the vibes in your
environment, even if it’s not quite clear where
these vibes are coming from.  You may be
sensing what that silent person over in the corner
is going through, or you may be in touch with
something that happened in this room forty years
ago.  It’s a time when psychic abilities are
increased, but it still takes some practice to use
them effectively.       

The sun will be here until July 22.  

The sun enter
ed Cancer
in NYC:  Mon, June 20, 6:34 pm
in Vancouver: Mon, June 20, 3:34 pm
in London: Mon, June 20, 11:34 pm
in Singapore: Tues, June 21, 6:34 am   
in Sydney: Tues, June 21, 8:34 am   

The Next Lunar Cycle
(16° Cancer)

This is an emotional lunar cycle. People are
more sensitive, more apt to cry at movies, to
hug each other, and to gush at every cute
baby that passes by.  The Cancer influence is
very strong at the new moon, so there’s also a
very strong attachment to home and family.  In
the US, this new moon coincides with
Independence Day, so it should bring out all
kinds of high-pitched but heartfelt patriotic

There’s also a bit of magic, since the sun and
moon trine the planet of poetry, Neptune.  
Neptune makes it very easy to by hypnotized,
and to enter altered states.  You go into an
antique music store, and suddenly find yourself
playing the piano, even though you’ve never
taken lessons.  Are you channeling some
ancestor who was an accomplished musician?  
This is the kind of thing that can happen under
this influence, and throughout the lunar cycle.  

All new moons are good for dreaming new
possibilities into life, and this one gives vivid
and mesmerizing dreams, so it’s especially
good.  So take some time to visualize whatever
makes you feel happiest, healthiest and most

However, there’s also a close Saturn/Neptune
square at the new moon, and that can mean
that it’s also easy to be taken in.  You could
find a succession of clowns, hucksters and
charletons at your doorstep, or in your inbox.  
Be cautious, and use your intuition freely. If
something doesn’t smell right, there’s a good
chance it’s all wrong for you, so let it pass by.   

This lunar cycle lasts until the next new moon
on August 2.  Its climactic moment is the full
moon on July 19.   

The new moon occurs
in NYC: Mon, July 4, 7:01 am
in Vancouver: Mon, July 4, 4:01 am  
in London: Mon, July 4, 12:01 pm  
in Singapore: Mon, July 4, 7:01 pm  
in Sydney: Mon, July 4, 9:01 pm

Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury, the planet of the mind, spends a couple of weeks in
the emotional, impressionable sign Cancer, and this is great
for the intuitive faculties.  It’s not quite as good when it
comes to logic and reason!  People are more likely to believe
what they want to believe, what they have strong emotional
reasons for believing.

This gives a stronger focus on home and family.  It’s a good
time for working on genealogy, or compiling photo albums, or
having a family reunion.  You might sit down with your older
relatives and listen to their stories, or you might tell your own
stories to the younger ones in your family.  Or you could
connect with people from your past:  the kid next door, your
college roommate, your long lost cousin.

It’s also a good time for interior decoration, for adding cozy
touches to your home or garden, for finding interesting
things in your attic or in antique stores. Mercury in Cancer
enhances the memory, but it’s best for learning things that
have a strong emotional charge.  For example, you might
learn the language of your ancestors, or study a historical
period that really calls to you, or take a cooking or gardening

When it comes to communication, be sure not to assume that
everyone else feels the same way that you do about
everything.  Your own opinions seem so natural and
inevitable that it can be very startling to find out that others
believe something different.  Try to go down deeper, to find
the points of emotional connection.  We’re all human, all
flawed, and all vulnerable, no matter what we think about

Mercury will be in Cancer until July 13.                      

Mercury enters Cancer
in NYC:  Weds, June 29, 7:24 pm
in Vancouver: Weds, June 29, 4:24 pm
in London: Thurs, June 30, 12:24 am
in Singapore: Thurs, June 30, 7:24 am  
in Sydney: Thurs, June 30, 9:24 am