Index of Essays

General interest

What is a Horoscope?

This is an introduction to astrology,
describing the basic structure and
meaning of a natal chart.

Moon Signs and Lunar Transits

What does it mean when the moon
goes through a certain sign?  Here’s
a description of the lunar cycle, and
of each moon sign.  

The Fire Within:  Your Horoscope
and its Fiery Influences

What are the fiery influences in your
chart?  This essay looks at all the
possibilities, and what they mean.  

The 12th House, Karma and The
Womb Experience

What’s behind the mask?   This
essay analyzes planets in the 12th
house, in relation to karmic and pre-
birth experiences.  

The Head and the Heart

How do your head and your heart
get along?  This essay looks at the
elemental natures of your Mercury
and moon, and analyzes the
relationship between them.

Talking Fire, Talking Earth

Communication can be tricky,
especially when people are coming
from different modalities.  Do you talk
fire, talk earth, talk air, or talk water?  
This essay describes each

Women-centered essays

Goddess Centered Astrology

This essay, good for beginners to
astrology, offers a spiritual approach
to reading your birthchart.  It
examines each planet and sign,
giving associations with various
goddess archetypes.   

Are Women from Venus?

This essay explores the relationship
between Venus and female

Special interest to lesbians

Can You Tell a Lesbian by Her

Which factors in a birth-chart might
point to a lesbian?  Although there’s
no sure way to tell, this essay offers
some hints.

Lesbian Love Styles

Venus is the planet of love and
pleasure, so the first thing you
should do, upon meeting an
interesting woman, is find out her
Venus sign.  This essay describes
each of them.  

Relationships:  Check Out the

The moon is the single factor that
makes or breaks most relationships.  
This essay has an analysis of
moon/moon relationships between