The Fire Within  
Your Horoscope and its Fiery Influences

by Jenny Yates

Creative force, enthusiasm, will, courage, independence:  these are all attributes of fire.  The fire in
your horoscope gives you excitement, vitality, and rash impulses.  

If you ever ran away from home, you were probably propelled by a planet in a fire-sign.  I can just see
you now – this brave tyke, ready to take on the world, ready to fight mean dogs and neighborhood
bullies.  Fire drives you to be a hero in your own story.  Fire moves you to discover who you are, by
challenging yourself every day.

The Amazon warrior is a fiery figure.  Fire signs are feisty, competitive, ready to mix it up.  There’s a
lot of pride in fire, a strong sense of honor.  At the same time, fire signs don’t hold a grudge.  They
don’t hold anything.  They burn through life, experiencing it rather than stashing anything away.  

Your fire signs give you a passionate glow which attracts others.  People are drawn to you for
warmth, affection and sexual stimulation, although the connection doesn’t always last forever.   Your
fiery planets bring you lovers, comrades, and supporters.  You have no problem charging off on solo
adventures, but you also enjoy companions along the path.  

Fire signs burn the brightest, but they also burn out the quickest.  They live for the moment, for the
spontaneous adventures of each new day.  Your planets in fire signs need to be active and
expressive, but they may also need periods of rest.  The most important thing is to listen to them, to
pay attention to the spontaneous desires which burst forth from your fiery planets.  

The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  Remember, don’t just look at your sun’s position, but
also the moon, the rising sign, and all your other planetary positions.  If you don’t have an accurate
natal chart, go to, and pick up yours under “free horoscopes”.

Your non-fiery planets are useful for tempering your fire signs.  Your air-sign planets (Gemini, Libra
and Aquarius) add an element of reason, which can sometimes stop the fiery planet from rushing
headfirst into trouble.  Your watery planets (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) bring up emotional
considerations and security needs.  Like, they tell you that if you’re going off on adventure, perhaps
you should pack a lunch.  

Your earthy planets (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) bring up practical considerations.  They’ll tell you
to check and make sure that the bungee cord isn’t frayed, before jumping off the cliff.  Of course, the
fiery planets are usually in a hurry, so they don’t always listen.  But you can see these kinds of
interactions within your charts, if you look at the aspects between your fiery and non-fiery planets.  

There are not only fiery people, but also fiery generations.  Pluto is the slowest-moving planet, and it
stays for decades in the same sign.  This means that you share a Pluto-sign with everybody in your
generation – and this delineates your common mission.  The baby boomers were a fiery generation,
since they had Pluto in the fire-sign Leo.

Everybody born between 1940 and 1955 has Pluto in Leo .  (People born in 1938 – 39 and 1956 –
58 may also have Pluto in Leo, since it waffles around the edge of a sign for a few years before
going in for good.)  The mission of this generation is fiery:  to be creative, willful, playful, active,
excited.   Every Leo needs to shine, and the Pluto-in-Leo generation needs to be special, to be
looked at.

Of course, the rest of your chart may not be all that interested in shining.  Look at the aspects
between Pluto and the other planets, to see how comfortable you are with the Pluto-in-Leo scenario.  
And look at Pluto’s house to see the special area in which you need to shine most brightly.  

There’s a younger generation that’s also fiery.  Everybody born between 1996 and 2007 (and some
people born in 1995 and 2008) has Pluto in Sagittarius, and they will be as impetuous and
independent as the baby-boomers were.  Their passions will be directed towards philosophy, religion,
causes, journeys, and adventures.  The world will be a small place for them, since they’ll be
scrambling all over it.  

Another long-term influence is Neptune, and Neptune moved through fiery Sagittarius from 1971 to
1983 (and was also there at times during 1970 and 1984).  Where Pluto drives you on a very deep
level, Neptune is lighter and more spiritual.  So for those with Neptune in Sagittarius, there’s a fiery
desire for spiritual truth, and for beauty beyond the ordinary.  

Uranus, the planet of change and progress, spends seven years in a sign.  In the last century, it’s
gone through all three of the fire signs.  First it was in Aries between 1927 and 1934, then in Leo
between 1955 and 1962, and then in Sagittarius between 1981 and 1988.  (Be sure to check if you
were born in the first couple of years or the last couple of years, as Uranus also hovers around the
edge of a sign for a while.) And babies born now also have Uranus in Aries.  It will be in this sign until

    If you were born when Uranus was in a fire-sign, you deal with change in a spontaneous, fiery
way.  You are attracted by fires, explosions, and avant-garde expressions of creativity.  You get
excited by progress, and want to rush headlong towards each new idea.  You can be so far ahead of
the pack that you’re a speck on the horizon of everybody’s consciousness.   And you aren’t
particularly interested in waiting for them to catch up.  

    Saturn spends a little over two years in a sign, and so it’s passed through numerous fire-signs in
the last century.  Saturn is the planet of structure and discipline, the most staid and orderly of planets
– but it is much less so, when it’s found in fire.  If you have Saturn in a fire sign, you push yourself to
be fiery – which sounds like a contradiction in terms.  This means pushing yourself to succeed on
your own terms, to be bold and imaginative, to live each day to the maximum, to be proud and

    Jupiter – which spends a year in each sign -  is one of the naturally fiery planets, since it’s the
ruler of the fire-sign Sagittarius.  It’s the planet of expansion, luck, and community, and it has a great
deal to do with the profession that you choose.  In fire signs, it’s very brave and bold, and it gives an
inclination towards independent, fast-moving, competitive careers.  You like to work without
interference, to meet challenges, and to think on your feet.  

    A strong Jupiter will give you a chart that has many fiery attributes, even if Jupiter isn’t found in a
fire sign.  A strong planet is one that’s angular (close to the vertical or horizontal axis of your chart)
and that’s the center of a lot of aspect activity.

    Mars – which moves through the entire zodiac in about two years - is another fiery planet, since it
rules the fire-sign Aries.  It’s the planet of energy, impulse and action.  A fiery Mars is the surest sign
of a bold, passionate, spontaneous woman.  She’s someone who goes after what she wants, and
who generally has a pretty good chance of getting it.  She acts first, fast, and with great confidence –
whether she’s seducing someone, or challenging someone to a fight.  

    The sun is another fiery influence, since it rules the fire-sign Leo.  If you have a strong sun, you’re
a fiery woman.  The sun moves through the zodiac in a year, and its passage is the basis of our
calendar – which is why everybody knows what their sun-sign is, without tracking down their natal
chart.  But the sun’s position and aspects will tell you how strong it is, and for that you do need a
copy of your birthchart.  

    The sun is about your ego, your identity, your acknowledged self.  So if you have the sun in a fire
sign, you identify strongly with fiery traits.  You are proud of your energy, your enthusiasm, and your
vitality.  You always working to become more confident and independent, more of a hero in your own
story.  This is what you choose to develop, and what you prefer to show the world.  

    Mercury and Venus both go through the zodiac in under a year.  Mercury shows how you think,
learn and speak – and a fiery Mercury will give a bold and unique way of expressing yourself.  Venus
is about love, pleasure and art.  A fiery Venus means surrendering yourself to ardent love and
pleasure, and/or devoting yourself zealously to your Muse.  

    The moon reaches a new sign every two and a half days, and the moon is about your emotional
needs.  A fiery moon shows that you need quite a bit of stimulation, on a day-to-day basis.  You need
life, excitement, warmth, adventure, and movement – and without these things, you feel insecure and
uncomfortable.  But you don’t wait for them to come to you.  You go out and make it happen.  

    The rising sign changes every two hours.  A fiery rising sign will give a quick, vital way of looking
at the world.  Other people know you by your energy, directness, honesty – and perhaps your

    If you have no planets at all in fire signs, you probably look for fire wherever you go – in risky
situations, in exotic locations, in back alleys, in smoky nightclubs.  You’re drawn like a moth to people
who sizzle and burn, and you warm yourself with their life-force.  At the same time, it may be hard for
you to understand them.  How do they get so caught up in the moment?  Why do they never look

    Even if you don’t have planets in fiery signs, you may have them in fiery houses.  These are the
1st, the 5th, and the 9th.  Planets in the 1st house will contribute to independence, while planets in
the 5th are about creativity, pleasure and play.  And planets in the 9th stimulate you to expand your
horizons, to go beyond the ordinary.  

    If you have a lot of fiery influences, you probably run on adrenaline a lot of the time.  It isn’t
worthwhile to expect yourself to be otherwise.  Just get to know your own rhythm – which involves lots
of quick stops and starts – and design your life to take advantage of this.  Give yourself frequent new
beginnings.  Allow yourself the limelight.  Every once in a while, take off on an adventure.  

    Fire is spirit.  Wherever the fire is in your chart, you need to honor it.  There is nothing more
beautiful, more dazzling, more dangerous and more rare than fire.  Even in nature, it can’t be
predicted.  It shoots down from the sky, generating endings and beginnings.  We humans need to
respect its enormous power to create and to destroy.  We need to keep it glowing, without allowing it
to consume us.  

    The fire within you is precious.  It’s fleeting as a moment in time, singular as each independent
being, and yet a symbol of the eternal spirit.  Let us celebrate our fire, the source of so much joy.


This article was first published in Womonspeak.