Goddess Centered Astrology

by Jenny Yates

In this society, astrology is packaged in its simplest and broadest form.  People ask you, “What’s your
sign?”  Newspapers and magazines invite you to find your sign and read all about it.  

This is like imagining a universe in which only the sun and the earth exist.  It ignores the moon and all
other planets.  It takes the intricate, shining web of relationships that is your horoscope, and squeezes
it into a tiny mold.  

And so I urge every woman to take a look at her actual horoscope.  One way to do this is to go to
Astro.com, and click on “free horoscopes”, and then on “chart drawing, ascendent”.  Fill in your birth
data, including the time and city of your birth, and a circle full of symbols will appear on the screen.  

What are you looking at?  Your horoscope (also referred to as your natal chart)  is a picture of the sky
at the moment of your birth.  The top half of the chart shows the planets that were in the sky when you
were born.  If you’d stood up at that moment and looked around, you would’ve seen them.  You

would’ve needed a telescope to see some of them, of course.  And if you were born in the daytime,
the sun’s light would have washed them out.  But they were there.  

The bottom half of the chart shows the planets that had already set, or hadn’t yet risen, at the time of
your birth.  These influence you just as much as the visible ones.  

Take a moment to look at your horoscope.  If you can, print it and keep it available.  Use it as a
mandala, a meditation tool, to remind you of your complexity, your variety.  You are not just one thing.  
You are a complex mix of many factors, some visible and others invisible.  

Our patriarchy postulates a monolithic god, and so it always urges people towards conformity and
obedience.  As reported in current newspapers and magazines, astrology only gives you twelve
choices, twelve ways to be.  But we all know that we are much more than just a single sign.  And
astrology is much more than this.  It’s a holdout from an older era, in which people saw themselves
intricately connected to the wide universe.  

Those who call on the Goddess know that she takes many forms.  She ranges from the independence
and courage of Artemis to the fierce transformations of Kali.  Every woman also has many forms,
many possible ways of being, and her horoscope reflects this.  

Just as you call on certain forms of the Goddess more frequently, there are certain parts of your chart
that have more strength and resonance.  And your sun-sign may well be one of these.  But it’s
important to remember that that’s just one option available to you.  There are always a multitude of

When you have meditated on your chart as a whole, then you can go in and pick out a single factor,
and learn more about it – and then another, and another.  Let yourself be guided by whim.  Let your
deep intuitive self choose for you. Look at your chart until one particular symbol calls out to you, and
then see where that takes you.

It can be inspiring to meditate on the symbol itself – to draw it, paint it, or visualize it.  But it can also
help to put it into words.  Most astrological programs will give you a list of what the symbols mean, and
if you’re using a chart from Astro.com, it’s on the left side of the page.  

Nowadays, there are plenty of resources for finding out more about whichever planet you picked.  
There are books, and probably even a few in your local library.  And there is abundant information on
the Internet.  If you picked Venus, try a search that includes “Venus” and “astrology”, to learn more
about this planet’s meaning.  Or you can check out the combination of planet and sign, and read
descriptions written by many different astrologers.  (Do a search for “Venus in Virgo”, “Mars in
Sagittarius”, or whatever planet you’re checking out.)

This can be a good foundation for your investigation of the planet, but you should stop reading before
you reach the point of saturation.  Remember that knowing is not merely an outward thing, but also an
inward thing.  Let yourself live with the planet that calls you.  Think about it, dream about it, draw it,
hold imaginary dialogues with it while you’re weeding in your garden or waiting for a bus.  Bring it into

Every planet can be seen as a manifestation of the Goddess within.  And so every planet is worthy of
love, honor and reverence.  All the parts of your self are beautiful, as is the whole.

Of course, everything that shines has a shadow.  This is true of every form of the Goddess.  Artemis
has her urge to flee, Kali has her destructive power.  Even Aphrodite, the goddess of love, sometimes
takes on more than she can manage.  So the same is true of every planet in your horoscope. And it’s
useful to meditate on each planet’s shadow side as well, so that you can recognize it when it emerges.

Here are some of the ways to approach each of the bodies in your horoscope.

The moon is she who nurtures you, who gives you what you need.  She builds a network of emotional
connections which sustain you.

The sun is your inner Hero, she who gives you a name, an identity and a conscious purpose.  She
provides a vehicle for meeting other people and experiencing the world.

Mercury is your inner Messenger, she who tells you the things that you need to know.  She builds
bridges of communication which facilitate movement in the world.

Venus is your inner Lover, she who gives you joy.  She sparks love of people, places, and all of life’s
pleasures.  She also gravitates towards beauty, and so she is your connection with the Muse.

Mars is your inner Warrior, she who defends you against anyone who would broach your boundaries.  
She is the most active part of you, and connects you to your body and your will.

Jupiter is your inner Matriarch, she who connects you to your social destiny.  She gives you work to do
and rewards you for it, and she also helps you build community.

Saturn is your inner Crone, the old wise woman who reminds you of the lessons of experience.  She
taps into old karma, as well as the survival lessons that your ancestors learned.  

Uranus is your inner Rebel, she who liberates you from oppressive circumstances.  She is wildly
creative and innovative.

Neptune is your inner Mystic, she who connects you to alternate realities.  She carries you away to
lush pastures of the imagination.

Pluto is your inner Shadow.  She puts you in touch with everything that’s been repressed or denied (in
yourself or in society).  She reclaims and transforms all this material, and so she is a source of great

Chiron is your inner Healer.  She connects you to an old wound, helps you heal from it, and shows
you how to heal others as well.

The north node is your inner Guide.  She points out the direction in which you need to go, in order to
bring about soul-balance.  She corrects your course, in the light of past-life experiences, and moves
you towards wholeness.  

Each of these inner figures is shaped and colored by the sign in which each finds herself.  This is her
style, the way she presents herself.  You could imagine her dressed in a particular kind of clothing,
carrying certain things, walking a certain way that’s related to her sign.  This doesn’t change her basic
purpose.  In other words, the moon’s goal is always to provide nurturing.  But her sign shows how she
does this, and a moon in fiery Aries will nurture you in very different ways from a moon in watery

Aries (a fire sign) is ruled by Mars, and so a planet in Aries will wear the garb of the Warrior.  She may
be dressed like an Amazon, with helmet and leather boots.  She moves quickly and independently,
perhaps carrying a sword and a shield.  Whatever she does, she does with courage.  Goddesses
associated with Aries are Athena, Freyja, and Oya.  

Taurus (an earth sign) is ruled by Venus, and so a planet in Taurus will wear the garb of the Lover at
her earthiest. She may be dressed in fabrics that are luscious to touch, or she may go naked.  She
carries a basket of ripe fruit and luscious flowers, and she walks with a sensual sway.  Goddesses
associated with Taurus are Ceres, Demeter and Lakshmi.  

Gemini (an air sign) is ruled by Mercury, and so a planet in Gemini will wear the garb of the
Messenger at her airiest.  She may wear winged boots like Hermes, and carry a book in her hands.  
She walks quickly, spontaneously, with the impulse energy of a thought wave.  Goddesses associated
with Gemini are Iris, Sarasvati and Sephira.  

Cancer (a water sign) is ruled by the moon, and so a planet in Cancer will wear the garb of the Moon
Goddess.  You can see her glowing softly.  She wears long flowing robes and a crescent on her
forehead.  She does everything in an emotional, intuitive way.  She walks softly, aware of everything in
her path.  Goddesses associated with Cancer are Isis, Ixchel and Hestia.   

Leo (a fire sign) is ruled by the sun, and so a planet in Leo will wear the garb of the Hero.  You can
see her as a strong, confident woman, wearing bright and very visible clothing.  She may carry a
plaque or a tool decorated with the symbol of the sun.  She has a heroic, assertive gait. Goddesses
associated with Leo are Brigit, Lucina and Amaterasu.  

Virgo (an earth sign) is ruled by Mercury, and so a planet in Virgo will wear the garb of the
Messenger, at her earthiest.  She may also wear winged boots, but her colors are earthier than her
Gemini counterpart.  She carries a pen in one hand, and a basket of herbs and gardening tools in the
other.  She symbolizes practical knowledge, as opposed to the theoretical knowledge of Gemini.
Goddesses associated with Virgo are Flora, Chicomecoatl, and the Virgin of Guadalupe.  

Libra (an air sign) is ruled by Venus, and so a planet in Libra will wear the garb of Venus, at her
airiest.  She is beautiful, completely in tune with the air around her, and everything she does pleases
the eye.  She may carry a paintbrush, or a Grecian urn.  She walks with great balance and grace.  
She symbolizes ideal beauty, as opposed to the sensual beauty of Venus’ other sign, Taurus.  
Goddesses associated with Libra are Aphrodite, Inanna, and Oshun.  

Scorpio (a water sign) is ruled by Pluto, and so a planet in Scorpio will wear the garb of the Shadow.  
She wears dark clothing, so that she can blend into the underworld.  She may wear an image of a
phoenix, to symbolize her ability to reclaim and transform what has been thrown away.  Goddesses
associated with Scorpio are Kali, Pele and Selket.     

Sagittarius (a fire sign) is ruled by Jupiter, and so a planet in Sagittarius will wear the garb of the
Matriarch.  She is a little bigger than life, and she walks with great eagerness and enthusiasm,
especially among crowds of people.  She wears bright colors, and perhaps the insignia of different
communities that she’s visited.   Goddesses associated with Sagittarius are Artemis, Rhiannon and

Capricorn (an earth sign) is ruled by Saturn, and so a planet in Capricorn will wear the garb of the
Crone.  She is an older woman, wearing simple clothes in dark colors.  She may have a heavy burden
on her back, which represents all the painful experiences of the past, and so she moves slowly and
with great dignity.  (She may also set down this burden, and travel with nothing except the staff which
connects her to the physical plane.)  Goddesses associated with Capricorn are Cerridwen, Hera and

Aquarius (an air sign) is ruled by Uranus, and so a planet in Aquarius will wear the garb of the Rebel.  
She is dressed a bit outrageously, in the latest fashions – or perhaps things that will be in fashion
twenty years from now.  She walks quickly, almost electrically.  She may have a technical device or two
in her hands, or perhaps a plan for a different kind of future.  Goddesses associated with Aquarius
are Tara, Lilith and Changing Woman.  

Pisces (a water sign) is ruled by Neptune, and so a planet in Pisces will wear the garb of the Mystic.  
She floats a couple of inches off the ground.  She is dressed in long flowing robes, perhaps aqua in
color.  Or she may have a fishtail.  She’s a shape-shifter, so she can be one thing one minute and
then something entirely different the next.  Goddesses associated with Pisces are Nimue, White Shell
Woman, and the Lady of the Lake.  

Each of the planets in your horoscope is an inner figure in your psyche, and each has gifts for you.  
Each is a source of joy and creativity, and it’s important to let each express herself, one way or

Goddess centered astrology tells us that you are more than just your sun-sign. There are many altars
at which you can worship, and many sources of strength to sustain you.    You reflect all of life’s
possibilities, and so you always have plenty of choices.  

The Goddess does not demand that you conform, or that you shrink to just one thing.  Go on, draw
the circle wider, and wider still.  Never stop.