Can You Tell a Lesbian By Her Horoscope?

                                        by Jenny Yates

This is a controversial topic among gay astrologers, and most of us say no.  You can’t tell gender, or race, or country of origin from a
birthchart, so why should you be able to tell something as intrinsic as sexual orientation?  

However, I’ve looked at hundreds of lesbian charts through the years, and there are certain things that have grabbed my attention.   
More often than not, Mars or the moon is close to an angle.  

What are the angles?  They are the power points of a birthchart, the cusps (or beginnings) of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.  
These are charged points because they correspond to the cardinal directions, and any planets found close to these points will be
central to a woman’s horoscope.  The French astrologer Gauquelin, who originally set out to debunk astrology, did a lot of research
on the connection between these positions and career success.  

The moon symbolizes women, so it makes sense that a powerful moon will point us in the direction of a lesbian.  The moon is
about emotion, nurturing, comfort, instinct, and everything that’s round and warm and sweet.  It’s about cooking, food, and the belly.  

Of course, in an individual chart, the moon is colored by the sign she’s in.  Somebody with a fiery moon is going to have different
emotional patterns from someone with an earthy moon.  But in any sign, the moon feels like women, and if she’s close to an angle,
there’s going to be an emphasis on doing things with women.  With the moon here, you’re attracted to womyn’s spaces, as well as
women’s traditional activities.  

However, there are straight women with the moon next to an angle.  They can be found in all-woman professions, for example.  
They spend their days around other women, talking and gossiping and offering practical advice and emotional support.  Nurturing is
second nature to them.  But they happen to be straight.  And so you can’t tell for sure that a woman is a lesbian because she has
the moon near in an angle.  You can say that she spends a lot of time with women, but you
can’t say that she curls up in bed with one at night.  

Then we come to Mars, the planet of desire, activity, will and impulse.  Mars is traditionally the “boy” planet, since it’s about those
traits that are culturally identified with boyishness.  It’s about being very physically active, going after what you want, fighting back
when people push you around.  

When Mars is close to an angle in a woman’s horoscope, you find the butchier kind of woman.  She goes after what she wants,
fights for her rights, and lives in the physical world.  Of course, someone with an airy Mars is going to be more cerebral and less
physical than someone with an earthy Mars.  But whenever Mars is found close to the angle of a woman’s chart, she’s a little
tougher, more spontaneous, and more willing to act on her sexual desires.

Most of the women I know with Mars angular are dykes.  But there are some straight women here, too, even though they are the kind
that have a lot of Dyke Potential. Still, they’re definitely straight.  They sometimes have husbands, even though they tend to be in
charge in their households.  They have jobs that involve power tools or highly competitive environments.  They don’t get perturbed
when people call them dykes, because they recognize that’s another way of saying “powerful woman”.  

So how do you know?  You never know for sure.  These are just hints.  There are also a few aspects that show up more often in
dyke charts than in straight charts.  One is the sun/Mars sextile, which shows a connection between the sun (identity) and Mars
(action and desire). This is the aspect that gives the best reflexes.  So maybe, as lesbians, we have a reflexive desire to love

The old books used to say that hard aspects involving Uranus and Neptune made for  - as they used to put it - “sexual perversion”.   
Uranus is the planet that makes eccentrics, inventors and geniuses, and generally if Uranus is strong in your chart, you don’t mind
being different from everybody else.  But some straight women live very radical and outré lives.  If a straight women goes out and
sleeps with any guy who looks good to her, without getting hitched first, she can be considered on the kinky side by mainstream

So a strong Uranus will only tell us whether you can handle being different, not which direction you’re going to take it in.  But if you
can’t handle being a little outside the mainstream, it’s not easy to be a dyke in this day and age.  

Then there’s Neptune, the planet of fascination and addiction and illusion and imagination, which also has a reputation for
disgraceful sexual acts, particularly in the old astrology books.  When somebody is so enthralled that they don’t care if society
throws them in jail for their desires, then Neptune may be in the picture.  But being a dyke is rarely that much of a fatal fascination
any more.  And in fact, a strong Neptune is more likely to point to someone who isn’t sure what she is, or who hates labels because
we’re all cosmically connected anyway.  

Jupiter, the planet of community, also has a role to play here. Your Jupiter tells you how you deal with your social role. But because
there is a thriving lesbian community, you can be a lesbian and still have a harmonious and strong Jupiter.  At one time, hard
Jupiter aspects would have pointed to an outcast, or someone who just didn’t feel comfortable with social expectations, and that
could have been because of a difference in sexual orientation.  But there are more choices now, in terms of where to belong and
how to succeed in society.

As there are more and more of us, we show more and more diversity.  There are lesbians who aren’t influenced much by Uranus,
and who live very traditional lives.  There are lesbians who aren’t influenced much by Neptune, and who aren’t all that besotted with
their lovers (although they may like them a lot).  There are lesbians with strong Jupiters who are pillars of their communities.  

But we all definitely have something going on with the moon and with Mars.  If it’s not just about liking women, but actually sleeping
with them, then Mars gets into the act.  And if women touch us where we live, then the moon gets involved.