Lesbian Love Styles

by Jenny Yates

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure, and its sign shows how you approach romance.  What
makes you happy?  What attracts you?  How should you meet women, if you’re single?  If you’re
involved with someone, what gifts to you bring to your relationship?  What about your lover, or the
woman you’ve lately been fantasizing about?  How do you win her, and what will she be like when you

You need to know these things!  So, remember, don’t just say, “What’s your sign?”  Besides being
way too overdone, that isn’t enough information!  Find out the date, the year, the city, and the time (if
she knows it), and then write it down quickly, before you get so tranced out by her alluring eyes that
you forget!   And then look her up and find out her Venus sign.  (See the box below this article on
how to do this.)    

Venus in Aries

With Venus in fiery Aries, you are happiest when you’re expressing yourself.  You need a lot of room
to be yourself, and can be impatient if people cling to you, or try to cramp your style.  You know what
you want, and generally, you have a strategy for getting it.  Independent pleasures are always most
alluring, although you are quite happy to have the company of someone equally intrepid and self-

Venus in Aries gives a preference for leadership situations.  If you want to meet women, go
somewhere where your courage, daring and assurance shine through - such as a mountaineering
expedition.  Let women see how in charge you can be, because you are going to be that way in the

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Aries woman, you don’t have to worry about her being shy and
retiring, or sending out mixed signals.  On the contrary, you may find her a little pushy at times.  But
she’s very exciting, adventurous, often pioneering.  Give her her head, and be prepared to change
your plans spontaneously every once in a while.  

Some famous women with Venus in Aries:  
Melissa Etheridge, Rosie O’Donnell, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Queen Latifah,
Shakira, Ashley Judd, Christina Ricci, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Palin, Mariah Carey, Camryn
Manheim, Dorothy Allison, Barbara Hammer, Miriam Makeba, Elena Kagan, May Sarton, Rosa Parks,
Isak Dinesen, Daphne DuMaurier, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, Jane Roberts, Adrienne Rich, Jill
Johnston, Betty Friedan, Joan Crawford, Judy Colllins, Liza Minnelli, Lynn Redgrave, Audrey
Hepburn,  Madeleine Albright, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Harlow, Jayne Mansfield, Clare
Boothe Luce, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Anne Bonny, Ann Boleyn,
Charlotte Bronte, Queen Victoria

Venus in Taurus

With Venus in earthy Taurus, you are a very sensual woman, and you like to surround yourself with
things that are physical.  You love textures, shapes, colors, and tastes.  You are, basically, a tree-
hugger, with a special appreciation for natural materials.  You may have a talent for wood-carving or
ceramics, and Taurus is also associated with musical ability.  

In relationships, your best trait is your loyalty.  You are slow to get involved, however, and you’re
generally on the lookout for those warning signals that can mean a roller-coaster relationship.  You’re
not really into this, as you like to be comfortable.  And it can take you quite a while to change your
status, even when you’re feeling a lot of lust for someone.  If you want to meet women, you need to
get away from your beaten path.  Try a community garden or a pottery class.  

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Taurus woman, it’s best to move a bit slowly and not scare her.  At
the same time, be clear, because she hates it when people are dishonest or confusing.  She is a very
sensual woman as well, and you aren’t as likely to suffer the dreaded lesbian bed death with her.  
She is always going to need touch in her life.

Some famous women with Venus in Taurus:  
Tracy Chapman, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Princess Diana, Sandra Bernhard, Cyndi Lauper, Liv
Tyler, Grace Jones, Janis Ian, Anne Murray, Rosanne Cash, Rosemary Clooney, Simone Signoret,
Sonia Braga, Aung San Suu Kyi,  Marian Wright Edelman, Nancy Pelosi,  Jessica Lange, Judith
Jamison, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Carly Simon, Anne Waldman, Margaret Drabble, Ella
Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Rachel Carson, Carol Burnett, Ida Rolf, Jane Russell, Alberta Hunter, Bessie
Smith, Katherine Dunham, Dolores Huerta, Anne Frank, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Alice B. Toklas,
Catherine de Medici

Venus in Gemini

With Venus in airy Gemini, your mind is the key to your happiness.  You love to talk to people, to
share your ideas and perceptions with them.  You also love books, magazines, newspapers, word
games, the internet - anything that stimulates you mentally.  You are often guided by your curiosity,
and satisfying it makes you particularly happy.

In relationships, your strongest asset is your ability to communicate.  You are truly interested in other
people, so you’re a good listener.  You like to connect with people in a variety of situations.  However,
sometimes it can be dangerous to be so adaptable.  You can compartmentalize yourself too much,
offering very different things to different people, feeling a bit fragmented by this.  Since you get
around so much, though, it’s easy for you to meet women - on the phone, through the internet, at the
bus stop, just about anywhere.   

If you are in love with a Venus-in-Gemini woman, you should exert yourself to be amusing!  She
needs for you to be very open in the way you communicate with her, and so it’s fine to tell her every
little thing that goes through your mind.  You can also use words to get her into an erotic mood, but
choose them carefully. She can become so interested in something you’ve said that she forgets
about making love!   

Some famous women with Venus in Gemini:  
Holly Near, Amy Ray, Courtney Love, Dar Williams, Anita Hill, Arianna Huffington, Catie Curtis, Ferron,
Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Candice Bergen, Helen Mirren, Sue Grafton, Joan Collins, Judy Grahn, Venus
Williams, Helen Hunt, Emma Thompson, Uma Thurman, Mary Stuart Masterson, Isabella Rossellini,
Gale Wilhelm, Doris Grumbach, Lorraine Hansberry, Delta Burke, Dorothy Hamill, Elisabeth Kubler-
Ross, Alice Bailey, Dolores Del Rio, Jacqueline Kennedy, Loretta Lynn, Nora Ephron, Patricia
Schroeder, Bette Davis, Coretta Scott King, Lillian Hellman, Isadora Duncan, Myrna Loy,  Eva Peron,
Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Calamity Jane

Venus in Cancer

With Venus in watery Cancer, you become very attached to people, places, and objects.  You are
tender-hearted and a bit vulnerable, and you don’t adapt all that easily to change.  You lead with your
heart, and when your heart is treated too roughly, you quickly retreat.  At times, you can be a bit too
thin-skinned, and can make it hard for people to approach you.  But when you completely trust
someone, you can have the most wonderful and intimate relationships.  

Home is very important to you, and you function best in the places that are most home-like and
comfortable.  If you’re looking for a lover, find groups that are warm, welcoming and nurturing.  You
could get involved in an artistic group, since you have a vivid imagination, or you could join one
dedicated to self-help or spiritual growth.  For you, it’s most important to be accepted as you are, with
all your needs and feelings.  You offer the same to the woman you love.  

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Cancer woman, invite her home.  If your home is cozy and inviting,
you’re halfway to her heart already.  Take her to meet your parents, and your kids, if you have any.  
But don’t play with this woman’s heart.  Once she has decided that you’re the one, she will be ready
to move right in (with her cookbooks, favorite pillow, and collection of porcelain parrots), and she will
be very hurt if you’re not entirely welcoming.  

Some famous women with Venus in Cancer:  
Wynonna Judd, Alison Krauss, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep,
Kathy Bates, Sally Ride, Judy Chicago, Maeve Binchy, Isabel Allende, June Jordan, Malvina
Reynolds, Marguerite Yourcenar, Alix Dobkin, Margaret Bourke-White, M.F.K. Fisher, Gwendolyn
Brooks,  Nikki Giovanni, Bea Arthur, Dinah Washington, Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Alice
Adams, Marian Zimmer Bradley, Helen Keller, Josephine Baker, Djuna Barnes, Zelda Fitzgerald,
Florence Nightengale

Venus in Leo

With Venus in fiery Leo, you are a person who experiences great highs and great lows.  You need a
lot of room for creative expression in your life, and this means a certain amount of freedom.  At the
same time, you also want strong, passionate relationships, and you demand great loyalty from your
lovers.  You are very generous, though, and you offer as much as you demand.  You aren’t happy
unless you live out loud - strong and willful and courageous.  You want to experience the best that life
has to offer, even if it means taking a few risks.      

In relationships, the main danger is that you can sometimes be a bit too domineering.  You need
lovers who are equally confident, who won’t be overshadowed by your fierce flame.  (Of course, you
could also find a pliable sidekick, a la Xena.)  You have a lot of charisma, and can pick up lovers just
about anywhere.  Generally, once you’re attracted to someone, it doesn’t take long for you to cast
your spell upon her.  

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Leo woman, you’re probably not alone.  You may have some
competition, because she is rather magnetic.  She will expect a lot of you, but she will also change
your life in dramatic and fascinating ways.  Be upfront and clear with her, and expect passion to be a
ongoing part of your life - both in bed and out of it.  Bring her flowers as often as possible, and
remember that she’s not adverse to expensive jewelry, either.  

Some famous women with Venus in Leo:  
Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Bonnie Tyler, Heather Nova, K. T. Tunstall, Tori Amos, Lindsay Lohan,
Monica Lewinsky, Candy Barr, Kathleen Turner, Nicole Kidman, Whitney Houston, Starhawk, Jewell
Gomez, Xaviera Hollander, Gilda Radner, Jessye Norman, Sonia Sanchez, Lisa Alther,  Mary Renault,
Ann Allen Shockley, Louise Nevelson, Babe Zaharias, Bella Abzug, Barbara Walters, Barbara
Mikulski, P.D. James, Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbo, Radclyffe Hall, Emmeline Pankhurst,  Jane
Addams, George Sand, Charlotte Corday

Venus in Virgo

With Venus in earthy Virgo, you are pretty discriminating about what makes you happy.  You’re
analytical where your pleasures are concerned, preferring things that are clear and true, even if they
don’t come easily.  Sometimes people think you’re being difficult, when you reject things (or people)
that don’t quite fit, but the flip side is that you have an enormous appreciation for the things (and
people) that do pass your exacting standards.  

You are a natural healer, and this is the energy that you bring to your relationships.  You are a
person who notices everything, and you will notice whatever your lover is carrying around with her.  
You are also very honest, and will tell her about it.  If you want to meet women, the workplace is a
good spot.  When it comes to community activities, you are likely to be on the task-force, or operating
the snow-plow, or checking people off lists, and you can bond with similarly engaged volunteers.

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Virgo woman, be prepared for the fact that she’s going to check you
out thoroughly.  This isn’t a free ride, especially in the beginning.  Endear yourself to her by doing
things for her, like helping to paint her bedroom or fix her plumbing (no pun intended).  When
seducing her, massage is a good beginning. In the bedroom, she is very natural and sensual, and
she knows what works for her.  

Some famous women with Venus in Virgo:  
Martina Navratilova, Mae Jemison, Pink, Sandra Bullock, Angelica Huston, Joni Mitchell, Ammachi (the
hugging saint), Annie Sprinkle, Carrie Fisher, J.K. Rowling,  Linda Ronstadt, Julie Andrews, Bernice
Johnson Reagon, Molly Ivins, Penny Marshal, Jane Curtin, Lily Tomlin, Madeline Kahn, Catherine
Deneuve, Diana Rigg, Janet Reno, Maxine Hong Kingston, Julia Roberts, Doris Lessing, Sylvia Plath,
Iris Murdoch, Kate Millett, Koko Taylor, Althea Gibson, Roslyn Carter, Geraldine Ferraro, Martha
Stewart, Angela Merkel, Anne Bancroft, Brigitte Bardot, Lucille Ball, Julia Child, Mae West, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Natalie Barney, Monique Wittig, Lucy Stone, Victoria Woodhull, Emily Bronte

Venus in Libra

With Venus in airy Libra, cooperative activities make you happy.  You have lots of skills that are in
great demand in the community - mediating struggles, working out compromises, promoting equality
and justice - and you do these things in a gentle and civilized way.  You also love culture, in all its
forms, and can give something to the arts in your community - contributing your own work, as well as
appreciating that of others.

With all your community activities, it isn’t hard for you to meet women.  And you generally find it easy
to charm them, since you’re so gentle and considerate - although you won’t necessarily knock them
off their feet (like someone with Venus in a fiery sign would).  Your focus is on one-on-one
relationships, and you are happiest with a lover.  You’re very idealistic, though, and so she has to be
the right one.

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Libra woman, become reconciled to the fact that she may not make
up her mind quickly about you.  She believes strongly in love, but she also believes in the perfect
lover, and you may have to convince her that you’re that woman.  The more romantic you are, the
better.  When you want to seduce her, don’t stint on the candles, soft lights, music and lingering

Some famous women with Venus in Libra:  
k.d. lang, Gloria Estefan, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Diana Krall, Phranc, Marlee Matlin, Allison
Janney, Althea Flynt, Maya Lin, Chrystos, Cherríe Moraga, Connie Chung, Barbara Wilson, Bille Jean
King, Isabel Miller, June Arnold, Ursula LeGuin, Vivian Leigh, Grace Kelly, Dorothy Parker, Emily
Post,  Margaret Sanger, Queen Elizabeth I,  Mary Shelley, Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in watery Scorpio, you’re a complex woman, someone who always looks below the
surface.  You’re fascinated by the depths of the soul, especially as it’s expressed in art and religion.  
You are also attracted to the shadow side of people, the criminal or outlaw element, the part that’s a
little dangerous or outré.  You are the kind of woman who could join a motorcycle gang, or could
indulge in more private rebellions.  

In relationships, you experience very intense attachments.  Your very soul gets tangled up with the
soul of your lover, and there’s no separating you.  But if you’re looking for a lover, your intensity can
sometimes scare people off.  You need to lighten up a bit, and to share some of the secrets you
generally guard so closely, in order to let people know who you are.  Highly-charged environments
(like solstice rituals, slam poetry readings, political rallies and consciousness-raising groups) are
good places for you to meet lovers.

If you’re in love with a Scorpio woman, be ready to go deeper than you ever have before.  You can’t
take this woman lightly.  To win her, you need to show her that you aren’t afraid of intimacy.  Talk
directly to her and touch her often.  Take it slow and make sure she trusts you, since she’s a bit like a
wild animal, although she wants more than anything to be tamed.  Don’t ever take her for granted,
and your sex life will be unbelievably hot for many many years.  

Some famous women with Venus in Scorpio:  
Ani di Franco, Patti Smith, Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Sigourney Weaver, Katie Holmes, Laura Nyro,
Marianne Faithfull, Rickie Lee Jones, Susan Sarandon, Andrea Dworkin, Serena Williams, Chris
Evert, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Marisa Tomei, Lesléa Newman, Annie Lennox, Grace Slick, Hanan
Ashrawi, Hillary Clinton, Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Hortense Calisher, Grace Paley, Nadine Gordimer,
Denise Levertov, Anne Rice, Mary Daly, Odetta, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Ava Gardner,
Agatha Christie, Willa Cather, Marie Curie, Marie Antoinette, Jane Austen

Venus in Sagittarius  

With Venus in fiery Sagittarius, you’re a free spirit.  You’re happiest when you’re involved in some sort
of exciting and inspiring adventure.  You love to travel, to go on pilgrimages, to broaden your
horizons either physically or intellectually. You do things on a large scale, involving casts of
thousands.  Your impulses are heroic and you’re not adverse to jumping into the fray, whenever a
fray can be found.  

When it comes to relationships, the main thing is that your lover not slow you down.  You want a
companion, a kindred spirit in the passionate adventure that you call life. Where do you meet a
woman like this?   You are always getting involved in noble causes, and this is the best place to find
the woman of your dreams.  She has to be someone you respect, an individual with her own strong
beliefs about the things that are important to you.  

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Sagittarius woman, give her lots of space to move around.  It’s true
that there’s some risk involved here, since she could move entirely out of your range.  But if your
relationship is working - that is, if it remains exciting and involving and mutually respectful - she will
always come back to you.  If you want to seduce this woman, don’t be afraid to keep her a little off-
balance.  Live in the moment, and try new things, as she will be attracted to your spirit of adventure.  

Some famous women with Venus in Sagittarius:  
Kate Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sally Field, Angela Davis, Joan Baez, Tina Turner,
Sinead O’Connor, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Roseanne Barr, Joan Armatrading, Elana
Dykewomon, Donna Summer, Germaine Greer, Barbara Grier, Margaret Atwood, Joan Didion, Eartha
Kitt, Jane Fonda, Dorothy Dandridge, Muriel Rukeyser, Maureen Duffy, Anne Sexton, Madeleine L’
Engle, Margaret Thatcher, Big Mama Thornton, Sulamith Wulfing, Hannah Arendt,  Zora Neale
Hurston, Hedy Lamarr, George Eliot

Venus in Capricorn

With Venus in earthy Capricorn, you are drawn to opportunities to prove yourself.  You like your work,
and may be a bit of a workaholic.  But even when you aren’t working, you get involved in ambitious
personal projects, and take them quite seriously.  You don’t like a lot of frills and complications, but
appreciate classic structures.  When something stands the test of time, you appreciate it all the more.

In relationships, you also appreciate the value of structure.  You aren’t particularly sentimental, and
you don’t always find it easy to be romantic -  but you offer stark honesty and personal clarity to your
partner.  If you’re looking for a lover, you might take another look at the women you’ve known for
years.  You may also bond with women over shared goals, such as increasing lesbian presence in
professional associations.

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Capricorn woman, she isn’t the easiest sell in the world.  Basically,
she will choose you, if she decides that you are worthy.  She has a strong sex drive, so she may take
you as a lover, but that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to be a fixture in her life.  If you
want this, you have to convince her that there’s a good fit between your goals and her own.  

Some famous women with Venus in Capricorn:  
Robin Morgan, Alice Walker, Rita Mae Brown, Alicia Keys, Sarah McLachlan, Cassandra Wilson,
Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Meg Tilly, Geena Davis, Amy Tan, Bonnie
Raitt, Dolly Parton, Diane Keaton, Faye Dunaway, Toni Morrison, Susan Sontag, Barbara Jordan,
Maria Tallchief, Gypsy Rose Lee, Edith Piaf, Simone Weil, Maria Callas, Indira Gandhi, Virginia Woolf,
Louisa May Alcott, Joan of Arc

Venus in Aquarius

With your Venus in airy Aquarius, you don’t mind being different.  A life of ordinary mediocrity would
bore you completely.  You’re happiest when you’re learning something, whether it relates to science
or history or politics or psychology.  You just love knowledge, and you love applying it, experimenting
in your own life.  

In relationships, you like a lot of freedom.  You’re experimental in this area as well, eager to try all
sorts of different forms and structures, just to see what happens.  Experiments are by their very
nature transitory, and eventually, you’re willing to check out more traditional arrangements.  If you
want to meet women, the classroom is always a good spot.  You are very good in any sort of group,
especially if there’s some sort of radical social or political agenda, and a lively discussion could spark
a romance.  

If you’re in love with a Venus-in-Aquarius woman, be a friend first.  For her, friendship is the model for
all relationships.  She wants someone who will intrigue her, teach her things, stimulate her mentally.  If
you want to seduce her, don’t drag out your time-tested techniques, but try something different.  
Because she lives so much in her head, she may forget about sex for periods of time - and so you will
have to keep coming up with new ways to get her attention.

Some famous women with Venus in Aquarius:  
Ellen Degeneres, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sharon Stone, Teri Hatcher, Kathy Najimby, Holly Hunter,
Oprah Winfrey, Christine Lahti, Cybil Shepherd, Vanessa Williams, Rigoberta Menchú, Glenn Close,
Carole King, Aretha Franklin, Kiri Te Kanawa, Janis Joplin, Mary Tyler Moore, Audre Lorde, Toni
Cade Bambara, Yoko Ono, Gloria Steinem,  Jane Goodall, Diane Fossey, Cicely Tyson, Ruth Nichols,
Muriel Spark, Marian Anderson, Simone de Beauvoir, Jane Rule, Jane Bowles,  Carson McCullers,
Diane Arbus, Marlene Dietrich, Margaret Mead, Amy Lowell, Gertrude Stein

Venus in Pisces

With your Venus in watery Pisces, you’re a very sensitive soul.  You’re just a little different from
everyone else, perhaps more psychic, and you need to do what feels right to you.  You pick up
dishonesty and unhappiness more clearly than other people do. You’re attracted to the spiritual
realm, to pure beauty, to art and music.  

When you’re in love with someone, you join with them on a soul-level.  You don’t care that much
about the structure of your relationship, or about any practical concerns.  You just want to love
completely, absolutely, and unconditionally.  There’s some danger of merging too much, of losing
your own edges and identity, because you are capable of such a deep layer of intimacy.  When it
comes to picking women up, you can be a little shy.  They are attracted to your sweetness, but it’s not
always easy for you to follow through.  You could meet kindred spirits in artistic or spiritual

If you are in love with a Venus-in-Pisces woman, know that she has to trust you first.  Although she
may seem confident on the outside - depending on her sun and rising signs - she has some
vulnerability in the area of romance.  You need to be very gentle and kind with her, and remember
that she’s particularly sensitive to the emotional atmosphere you create.  You can’t really seduce her
unless you love her, and this means loving her with no strings attached.   For this woman, every
moment is eternity.  

Some famous women with Venus in Pisces:  
Lucy Lawless, Laura Dern, Michelle Obama, Celine Dion, Katherine V. Forrest, Michele Pfeiffer,
Diane Keaton, Emmylou Harris, Roberta Flack, Dusty Springfield, Leontyne Price, Barbra Streisand,
Vanessa Redgrave, Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, Marge Piercy, Maya Angelou, Shirley MacLaine,
Patricia Highsmith, Billie Holiday, Flannery O’Connor, Sally Gearhart, Queen Elizabeth II,  Mother
Jones, Violette LeDuc, Flora Tristan, Colette, Susan B. Anthony, Berthe Morisot, Anais Nin, Elizabeth
Barrett Browning

If you don’t have a copy of your horoscope, and you don’t know your Venus sign, go to
http://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi, and enter your birth data.  After you click "continue",
your birthchart will appear.  

The boxed area (on the left side of the page) lists all the planets, along with the degree
and the sign that they’re in.  (Only the first three letters of the sign are given - e.g.  “Aqu”
for Aquarius, “Vir” for Virgo, etc.) Venus is the fourth one down.  What sign is she in?

Follow these same steps to obtain anyone else’s horoscope, as long as you have their
birthdata. If you don’t know the time when your lover was born, just enter noon, since
Venus only changes sign about once a month. The day and year are essential, however,
and this is a good excuse to strike up a conversation with the woman you’ve been
fantasizing about!