Moon Signs & Lunar Transits

 by Jenny Yates

The moon circles the earth quickly, passing through all the signs of the zodiac in 28 days. She is generous with her changes,
offering a new zodiacal perspective every 2½  days.

When the moon reaches the sign that the sun is in, she becomes invisible, her light vanishing into the sun's brilliance. This is the
dark moon, the new moon, a time to seed new beginnings. After this phase, she grows steadily night by night.

When she reaches her fullest form, she is in the opposite sign from the sun. This is a time to express yourself fully, to integrate
both the outwardly active sun sign and the inwardly reflective moon sign. The moon urges you to express your inner nature by
bringing all truths up to the light. The pressure can be intense leading to bouts of lunacy, but the joy of seeing yourself whole is
also intense.

The moon is symbolically connected with emotions, water, and the mother. Her changes are reflected deep within us in the ways
we nurture ourselves and others. Some signs are more fertile than others, better for planting, creating, and conceiving. However,
each sign has its gifts for your soul as well as for your garden.

Moon in Aries:
As the moon moves into Aries, she raises some basic identity questions. You stand stripped bare of formalities knowing yourself
as you truly are. Many new beginnings are hatched now, but the energy is too fiery for safe planting.

Moon in Taurus:
In Taurus, the moon brings calm and stability. The buzz subsides and you notice the things that endure: the feel of wood and rock,
the smell of your lover's skin, the cycles of the soil. This fertile sign encourages strong, slow growth.

Moon in Gemini:
The Gemini moon stimulates your curiosity. Interesting ideas appear constantly, like doors opening up to reveal other doors. Now
is the time to make connections, perhaps via e-mail or telephone. Explore your garden, learn from it, but don't plant.

Moon in Cancer:
As she moves into Cancer, the moon brings up memories and all the emotions that accompany them. This is a fertile time as
tears fall more readily nourishing your roots. All arts are encouraged, especially the alchemy of cooking.

Moon in Leo:
When the moon enters Leo, your inner child wants attention, as do your inner clown and your inner prima donna. Turn all the
commotion into art and then celebrate your creative power. In the garden, cultivate and admire, but don't plant

Moon in Virgo:
In Virgo, the moon moves towards a simple, useful life. If anything needs mending in body or soul, now is the time to focus your
healing powers. In the garden or at home, you can arrange, shape, and tend.

Moon in Libra:
With the moon in Libra, you need more beauty in your life. Plant flowers, fill your house with them, or give them to someone you
love. You are more tender and romantic, conscious of the subtle dances of human connection.

Moon in Scorpio:
When the moon passes through Scorpio, feelings are intense and desires powerful. You delve into your deepest self with its
shadows and dragons, and you recognize the untapped power there. Anything planted now grows deep and strong.

Moon in Sagittarius:
With moon in Sagittarius, feelings range wide as you amble down the road, watch the stars, or read old philosophy books. The
search is more important than the finding. Take a break from your garden as your energy is restless now.

Moon in Capricorn:
As the moon moves into Capricorn, your inner Wise Woman is very strong. She can show you how to take old fears and sorrows
and turn them into resolve, ambition and discipline. Anything you plant now will have strong roots.

Moon in Aquarius:
As she moves through Aquarius, the moon brings the liberation of understanding. You can detach yourself from old emotional
patterns and see your mother, lover, and friends as individuals. Talk to your green friends now, but don't plant new ones.

Moon in Pisces:
When the moon is in Pisces, distinctions blur and barriers dissolve. Your rational mind may go hide under a rock while your
intuitive mind moves joyfully and unerringly in the cosmic dance. This is a fertile time. Everything yields.

(This was first printed in WeMoon 1999.)