Would you like to sponsor a workshop in your area?   Although there are infinite
variations, some of the available workshops are:  

Your Horoscope:  An Introduction
The Astrology of Sex and Love  - For Lesbians Only
The Astrology of Relationships
Astrological Myths and Archetypes:  Creating Your Own Myth
The Energy of the Planets: A Workshop for Writers
Experiencing the Planets Visually:  A Workshop for Artists

The cost for a half-day workshop is $50 per person, with a minimum of 7 people.  
Contact me if you (and others in your community) are interested.  

Correspondence Course

The teacher-student ratio couldn’t be better.  This on-line class gives lots of individual
attention, and it’s designed just for you.  As you learn to interpret charts in depth, the
charts of your family and friends will be your learning tools.  Count on about an hour per
lesson for homework.  You can do this over 12 weeks, or you can spread it out over a
longer period.   

Among the correspondence courses offered are:

Basic Astrological Symbolism
Aspects:  the Lifeblood of Astrology
Psychosexual Development as Seen in the Horoscope
Feminist Astrology Explored
Relationships and Compatibility
Transits:  How to Interpret Them
Practical Astrology

12 lessons  -    $375


“Your Horoscope:  A Guide to Interpretation” by Jenny Yates    $18, including shipping

This book was written in response to many requests from participants at workshops all
over the U.S.  It’s a clearly-written primer, a good introduction to astrological
interpretation.  Within its pages, you’ll learn how to figure out aspects.  (It’s really quite
easy.)  And there are interpretations of planets in signs, in houses, and in aspect.  
There is also an introduction to the concept of leaning planets.  
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