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April 8
to 15, 2021

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Venus square Pluto
Mars trine Jupiter

Mars square Neptune

Mars inconjunct Pluto

Thursday, April 8
Things are a little more confusing, with the Mars/Neptune square
forming. It might be a little harder to get things done, especially if
you’re trying to do multiple things at once.

Friday, April 9
This could be especially confusing. Not only is Mars exactly
square Neptune, but the Pisces moon underlines Neptune’s
message as well. Take your time, because it’s not easy to figure
out what’s real and what’s not.   

Saturday, April 10
There could be some fun times, with Venus sextile Jupiter.
There’s still a danger of losing your way, with the Mars/Neptune
square still strong – but Mercury sextiles Saturn, helping you
clear your head and stay organized.

Sunday, April 11
This is a very active time, with a new moon, and with the
sun/Mars sextile forming. The Venus/Jupiter sextile is still strong,
so there could be cause for celebration. At the same time, Venus
squares Pluto, so watch for tensions around power and control.
People are more exuberant and more expressive, but things
could get intense.  

Monday, April 12
There’s a lot of motion and activity, with the sun/Mars sextile. But
relationships may be challenging at times, with the Venus/Pluto
square still strong. It’s human nature to have desires, so just be
sure you’re clear within yourself about what yours are.

Tuesday, April 13
There’s a whirlwind of activity, with the sun sextile Mars. You
might find yourself dashing about, but it’s not aimless dashing.
You can accomplish some definite and important things.  

Wednesday, April 14
This is a very productive time, with the sun/Mars and sun/Jupiter
sextiles strong. You’re eager, energetic, and optimistic. Venus
enters Taurus, bringing in a more sensual time, too.

Thursday, April 15
There’s so much going on. It’s an active, exuberant time, full of
possibilities, with the Mars/Jupiter trine, and the sun making
sextiles to both. However, think twice before jumping into things,
as there could be some underlying struggles for power and
control, with the sun approaching the square of Pluto.

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