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July 2
1 to 28  2017

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Sun conjunct Mars
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Mercury trine Saturn

Mercury trine Uranus
Venus oppose Saturn
Venus sextile Uranus

Venus inconjunct Pluto
Mars square Uranus
Jupiter inconjunct Neptune

Jupiter square Pluto

Friday, July 21
Things continue to go up and down, with the unstable energy of the
sun/Uranus square.  Relationships could also be a little tricky, with
the Venus/Pluto inconjunct.  You could get into deep water before
you know it, so be extra careful.

Saturday, July 22
The sun enters Leo, and everything heats up.  People are brighter,
brassier and more likely to get in your face.  

Sunday, July 23
With the new moon in Leo centering around Mars, there’s lots of big,
bouncy, bold energy to be had.  There’s plenty to do, and the will
power to do it.   

Monday, July 24
There’s a mix of stimulation and stagnation, with Mercury trine
Uranus and Venus opposing Saturn.  On the one hand, there’s a lot
of dynamic conversation, and some very innovative ideas and
plans.  On the other hand, there are also some restrictions or
disappointments, mainly in your dealings with other people.  

Tuesday, July 25
The time for action has come, as the sun approaches Mars.  There’s
the strong urge to take risks, to do something definite.   

Wednesday, July 26
The bold, impulsive energy of the sun/Mars conjunction continues
to affect everyone.  However, with the moon and Mercury in Virgo,
there are some people analyzing the costs, and this isn’t a bad

Thursday, July 27
People keep putting themselves forward, with the sun/Mars
conjunction.  There are heroes everywhere you look.  

Friday, July 28
Some people are hedging their bets, with the moon in Libra.  But
many people are still inspired, or inflamed, by the sun/Mars
conjunction, and are really to gamble on long odds.  
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